MRT Overlords Appreciation Thread


Spoiler Warning: Don't read ahead if you don't want to know that MRT is going to win this world. Speaking of spoilers, it really grinds my gears when someone spoils the death of a main character from a video game, like at the end of p5.

Just pointing out that at some time in the last half-day or so MRT has taken the #1 tribe spot xD Personally I'll be offering some RNS corpses as a diplomatic lube so my tender self doesn't get rimmed again ;)


Also here's a bonus screenshot of them delicious bashies


Special shoutout to our adorably fluffy new emperor cute kitten xoxo for spreading his youthful exuberance and kawaii-ness across the server.

Honourable mention to Sacred Band for coincidentally also reaching 1 million !!!!1!1!1!!2 offensive bashpoints. Looks like nobody will be able to catch up, must really suck to be stuck at #2 right now with all the work being put in, the gap just keeps getting wider :3

To RNS, y'all put up a good fight, and by good I mean that I'm pretty sure you haven't achieved anything aside from being a meatshield and I'm yet to see you send any support to your allies. I guess alliances don't mean as much as I thought??? Really stimulates the synapses considering how many alliances are currently in place...

P.S. any sore behinds can stay contained to the Top 10 Tribes thread, this is a safe space where people get to say their positive thoughts ^_^


Positive thought it was really nice of RNS to teach me a lesson after I sent them 100+ fakes. This is the culmination of attacks from RNS I have received, Ever. Even NOT has sent 1 real attack at me this world.

Edit, I almost forgot the real attacks I slipped in with my fakes I sent how silly of me!

Ouch I really was shown whats up by Jalter here!

I learnt a valuable lesson here too, probably in the future just fake them 100 times to see if they quit before cat nuking them. Really takes the fun out of it when they quit before your nuke lands and you realise someone is gonna have to rebuild this :(