Maps Top Three Tribes


Okay folks I have have personally cleaned this thread. Please respect a players thread by not spamming it.


We're getting off topic again. Can someone please post up a neutral map, not one intentionally taking a shot at a specific tribe? Yakuza are in there, they are top 5. Either include them without being insulting or get someone else who is neutral to post maps please. :)
That's just TW2-Tools way of trying to say that Yakuza doesn't belong in a Top 'Three' Tribes thread.
And a tribe full of crowners do? get back on topic or go away.This is not a yakuza nor Ao1 ,TCW,NBS bashing thread.Make your own bashing thread of stay off and keep on topic.

NBS - Merge upon merge.Fighting TCW atleast NAP with yakuza(im too lazy to check our diplomacy page) no idea about the other tribes
TCW - possibly fighting the entire world.Crowns and Merges and a little birdy told me some of their top have been banned
Ao1 - war against Telford their winning i think no idea about other diplomacy
Yakuza - Fighting TCW at a standstill.Have a tad culling needed.
Tel - losing against Ao1 no idea about other tribes diplomacy.