Ten days in so top ten map. Here I will hopefully be posting static map just so we are able to see how the world changes as time passes.


An update on the servers top tribes is needed.
GRD keeps growing in villages with a rapid pace.
DAM, GG2 and OCL keeps growing in both villages and players count, they have many new recruits.
RK. have by far the slowest growth rate of the top tribes,
VPW is nobodies, just sits up north and being noobs.
VPW have the best position so far. All the other tribes seem to be scattered and just randomly placed/recruited with little thought. The core looks very tightly contested between the 3 MRT's, although I think the whole worlds is core these days due to the tiny player base.
A shame when you see TW1 worlds getting double the players at least.
well it is too early to draw conclusions .player r still securing their provinces.beside some will live some will die.
I think I ll make a map we can look at
Well I see the other maps are kinda meh. So putting my own up here.
First up we got the top 10, then the top 5.
From the state of the world, really only the top 5 tribes matter. The rest will probably merge later with others.
GRD is notably in the lead by a large margin, as early world indicated, some members are using crowns to boost themselves majorly (such as 3500 point barb within the first week).
RK. is one of those tribes that mass recruits, then dies off within a month of the world starting.
Most tribes are spread out. GRD, OCL, and VPW are the only ones clustered together for their majority.
Early predictions show this world will be less populated than Invernary was and there is less actual fighting going on. Intel says OCL and GRD are not fighting. TW2 tools stats confirm this with no villages taken from each other. Which means that GRD will not be beaten with the second biggest tribe following them, which leads one to believe there will be no grand war this world. It'll just be big tribes eating little tribes and too afraid to actually attack each other.

I'm expecting some major wars to break out in the next couple of weeks. A lot of the big tribes around the core share borders, even if they're not attacking each other yet sooner or later cross noblings will begin to happen and tension will build.
Or they just hug and noble to the rim :rolleyes::(

Time for an updated map. I have however chosen to include the #6 tribe KoL instead of #5 DAM. The reason for that is DAM has fallen and they are on their way down, while KoL are rising. No reason to include a tribe that will have no effect on the server, no offense intended.

The most interesting observation is that OCL seems to be decreasing in size while all the others are growing. In the last week, OCL are +-0 in growth. VPW leads the % increase while GRD is growing faster in actual points. KoL is too fresh to evaluate yet but will be a interesting tribe to follow. GG2 are still growing which is actually kind of impressing for a MRT who declares war on pretty much everyone.