niice 1 can see exactly where i am on the map with ease :p that lovely yellow cluster you see in bottom right box of the core @ the top left :D

SO finally updated. fair few changes in both position and who is in the top 10.
Lets see KOH have been knocked down.
EMR have gained a nice big foothold over in the east.
RoG have re-emerged How is anyone's guess considering their being picked off one by one essentially.
Mym with their ever-ending presence in the north.RUMOR has it some of their biggest players have gone MIA should make a interesting next few weeks if so.
DIP,PTG no clue what their doing.
CSR keeping their grip on the west.
WTB controlling central and mid south .Interesting.
and T-E have emerged.If we look at the beginning maps or if you were to compare.You would see its essentially RoG under new and significantly better management.Surrounded by some big players though. Its curious as to why they haven't taken in new members.

Welp an update on some changes in position :)