Liven up!

At the beginning I though you are player from TW1 and know how to play B0W83, but now I just see you are some punk kid, who live for attention, and what you are showing here is just sad. Stop jumping on other players, you are 20-30k player, you have shown no evidence of your so called skill, we can only judge what we can see and what we see is the size of your account - that is little noob walking in the woods. Tell me something that show you know the game, tell me how does good player differ from noob?
What would you like me to explain Kekua ?? What do you want me to explain about the game..

How a smaller pointed player is as Dangerous as a larger pointed player if not more so
How Teamwork matters - not just within your tribe but around you
Troop wise - whats effective whats not
The Differing opinion on why churches are important
How building smaller pointed villes is more benefeicial than taking barbs
Tactical Placements of villes
Watching the terrain in and around 5 provinces of your villes
How Supporting someone actually gets you more than lost troops
How honourable you play dictates how far you go
What the difference is between the orders are ?? whats the best way to about knocking out churches ??
How useful is the Thieves Order ?? and how the best way to go about it is ??
Why to not build your villes sometimes up to max ..and to let them sit about 6-7k but 4k is generally enough to do what you need ??
How to use the tools that are given to you by tw2
How important is the forum in the tribes and how that affects you
Why is the defence modifier so important

What do you want to KNOW Kekua ??
Dont be shy now - im not a jumped up lil punk like you think calling me a noob - maybe but loking from your original bits and pieces you started on the forum i think im sure your more than i..

A Good player knows its not about the size of the account its how you play the account - Big points dont matter.. Strategy always wins ;)

So please tell me my not so enlightened Adversary what do you want to know - because this is not TW1 its TW2 ;)
Kekua If your tribe had some sort of decent intel rather than relying on stats and so forth that anyone can pull up - and false information because they think its smart like- 2nd accounts blah blah then you could possibly have some validity but all ive seen in this post is mainly lies lies false statements more lies Some laughs and generally a loadof accusations - untrue most of them . The conjecture side of your argument is also trolling trash so behave ;) Im only being utterly honest and blunt - but i have the correct intel ;) Your Tribe definately dont seem to have it .. Its not about what you see its about what you dont see whats gone before what might happen the area's around.. As for Starbarber killer 666 server liar - definately started it.. I just finished the argument on the thread .. i see no barbie post perhaps i was true in the assumption reading behind the lines of that particular statement ... For a jumped up punk noob who runs in the woods lol i definately have some words - THE END Good luck :D
Answering to questions with questions show no skill, just show that you know the topic (for starters), I never told you that you are a noob, just that from information I see you luck like one. You are right, this is not TW1, how ever with my TW1 experience and gaming stile I'm 3-4 times your size, bla bla, size don't matter - well that is the same sad story every small player tell himself and others. About the questions I would like to know - expand on topic "tactics and village placement", as everything else you told is just public knowledge that every player could find out playing just few days. Ow and smaller players, do have moral advantages and can cluster up, but that does not make them dangerous, it just make them easy to ignore - push, let them turtle up, and then just leave it there, like sh*t, that they are.
lloooooooooooll ok Kekua ;) hahahaha - You asked whats the difference between a Good Player and A Noob as you call it - Knowledge understanding and realising that bigger is not always better did i annoy you with my niice recall - knowing im right- you can call me whatever you like - it doesnt phase me 1 bit im still doing what im still doing - i dont think some of your memebers liked the knowledge that i gave them earlier on in the thread - like im sooo scared of your 10 full nukes on 1 ville blah blah blah it doesnt matter its how you use them that matters as your team is already finding out with thier losses that are prob exceedingly getting larger by the day - oh yh but thats ok you have more villes more resources - not so much more attack power. Everyone has different tactics - starbarber has got lies and dis-information down - should be part of a government somewhere :D

Next point is why are you now whinging lol is it because i actually had a knowledge of what you were like when you first started here and how some tactics are just not to be followed sometimes ..
Fun when someone takes a ville all the way behind your lines and you dont know about it and then when they engage from the front oops wheres all your defence gone oooooh thats right you sent it to the front .. so whos on your backside ;)

Im done arguing with you Kekua - can u hear that ----- Thats Tw1 calling you .. rememeber this is a Beta and things change all the time .. If your not used to change and stuck in your ways trying to play a different game then Good luck with that ...
You saying TSF loses getting bigger by the day just show how little to no knowledge you have of the situation.
While you being a tribeless player trying to get attention i am in the tribe you are talking about i can see how many villages we are losing and winning and currently i see no loses.
but i do see all our current enemy tribes failing only today several peoples have asked me to stop attack them. that they dont agree with their leadership decisions that they would love to sell their soul to the devil and spy just to buy some extra time before the hammer strikes.

why are you calling me a barb nobler when i have never nobled a barb? you on the other hand have nobled a 160 point village and a 786 point village. that is kinda fail.

what kind of lies and disinformation is that your talking about? name one thing please. what kind of information?

lol lines have you checked map generator in a while? i think you should :)
Note they were 51 point villes on build up like a fair few of mine are and you even admitted yourself you took barbarian villes .. and i heard TSF falling apart at the seems.. players talk so dunno whats going on there then,must be great , visit specsavers - its where you get glasses ;)

Lies - i was kicked from NEW- Big fail on your part
Lies - I was in E.D- try HoV
Lies- 2nd account lmfao TSF host lol kicked lmfao
Lies - Rejected from TSF lmfao i retracted after 5 minutes lol hence why it registered and notifed your tribe

Your Information that you have thrown @ me on the forum is a load of wrong information on all counts - dis-information- trying to tarnish me only makes you the fools ..

You try and say i play wrong when im actually playing smart.. and clearly missed a few things on the swap over from tw1 to tw2 Daydreaming agaiiin good luck with the teaching position you want to do on here later when you cease to play .. making money :p Nvrmind that 1 could of been classified as slander and an untrue statement or is it ..

When in doubt crown them walls up Starkiller666 your gonna need them for your student when you hand the account over ;)

We are getting no where like this - so see you on the battle field in the future - as much as im thoroughly amused at your tactics and words of wisdom- i think ive made my point quite clear

ITS NOT ABOUT POINTS!!!!! AND LIES GET YOU IN TROUBLE + MAKES YOU LOOK this BIG like my scrubby account btw its not a pay to play and then sell later game Star- that would be illegal !!!
You are like a communist, you try to push absurd and false information and tell everyone that it is the right one, but clearly it is not! Even with your mad skills you are small player with no sign of real growth. Tribalwars is all about growth, and telling anything else is ignorant. You have a point that once you grow bigger you have to start playing smarter, play less open war and start to think about tactics, but answer to that is NOT stop growing, but rather start thinking, well if that give you problem you clearly suck at this game, and you should stop pushing your communist ideology on other tribalwars players, as we all know, it is not healthy for community. :)
LMFAO- @ the communist bit - pushing my communist ideology lol - LOVE IT - you made me laugh Kekua really - so much put a smile on my face haha
I havnt stopped growing what do you define as stop growing ?? ive never stopped growing there is always somethingt to do :_ like build troops ... doesnt show points huh ooops thats right - i forgot you only ever think about points :p and your making me sound likea dealer of communist Information with the (pushing) remark .. i always play smart and tactical Hence why i am where i am and doing what im doing .. Not my fault- you dont like it.. Fed up with the conjectutre of lies from the Starbarber from the start.. i see people dont like to get pulled up on things they shouldnt of said .. again not my fault shouldnt of said these things in the first place to Hype oneself up a bit - Again not my fault i did not start it .. suggest we all go back to playing how we see fit and we shall see on the battle field later :D Again Good luck teaching Star and Kekua- i got a nickname for you too hehehe Kak-U-R lol i will not post again you havnt won the this 1 Oh btw im still waiting for Inno to check into me in fact i might raise a ticket myself and ask for it to be made public or even submit a naming and shaming of multi accountersfor TW2 - im assuming alot of you will dissapear because of it :D


Since I see I am already famous and my name appears in your funny chat for whatever reason, allow me to confirm I have no clue who LordDiablos is in RL...

I apologize if you don't like the fact my nickname is looking a bit like his, but wouldn't that be a bit stupid if I was trying to hide a second account...?

Or may be I am just that stupid, who knows - ask Starkiller, he'll probably confirm I am a stupid noob.
Diabols86;n28218 said:
Since I see I am already famous and my name appears in your funny chat for whatever reason, allow me to confirm I have no clue who LordDiablos is in RL...

I apologize if you don't like the fact my nickname is looking a bit like his, but wouldn't that be a bit stupid if I was trying to hide a second account...?

Or may be I am just that stupid, who knows - ask Starkiller, he'll probably confirm I am a stupid noob.

no way a TSF is a stupid noob! your my brother and i would never call someone noob! that would earn me a beating from Electra and her gang-.-
i shudder already-.-
-cough- maybe in private -cough- but never in public :D :D :D :D
Wow, this was a lot of bluster, and I think the last of the members involved are being mopped up now. TSF went down the gurgler for not being able to work together, and now only holds their high position because they take in anyone, even those they denied for months, and keep the inactives in and not internalled just so their stats look good. Its a shame that big bad TSF were too busy banging on a small tribeless player in a forum instead of holding what they had against the upstart tribe on the rim. If youd shown the kind of aggressiveness you had here in the game, maybe you would still be around.
Here is how the leader of NEWb LordDiablos plans to win his war against Titans and dominate En7 ROFL

equest denied.
lol, at least he didnt abandon his tribe when an upstart rim tribe started gaining on him. at least he had some respect for his tribemembers to want to get them "safe"
And at least he didnt follow your replacements lead and tell his entire tribe that it wasnt worth playing as they had no chance they should just up and leave to a new realm (which they subsequently got decimated in)
I to believe Titans became the scum of en7 fairly quickly under chip e (im sure there are other threads to provide evidence for this elsewhere), and though Amani tried to raise up the tribe, he didnt have the stones to do what was nessacary.

lol, i shouldnt go at chip e like this, its too easy.