Liven up!

Hahahaha he deserved the rimming prb like your buddy Diabols86- 1 and the same Diablo.. You could do with a a bit of a Rimming too and btw i left when i found out he was working for yuou guys all along.. Tribes set up to be feeder tribes are NOT cool a bit like you ;) Get Your walls up lil killer ;) guess thats another 3k crowns ;) Clueless eh .. Stick your tongue out Diabols needs a Rim :p (@)..
Never been in EOD so thats a bit wrong there and yh i have no skill Come get some and work out the lovely deficit you guys will have on me :D Bet your gonna love that Morale hahaha ;) Teamwork goes along way in this game And if my supports counted on my points i tell you what you would be not saying that :D You know where i am, you know what im doing, before posting my info you should check its right in future so what my points are low so what ive ot good amount of troops i know my defence and offence - i know my area - i know who wants to work with me .. i also know who not to trust in the area around me .. Look @ some of your own players first that dont understand the fundamentals----- Makes me laugh some of the stuff i have witnessed makes me laugh the troops youve lost by the aid of me .. Points are not everything How you play defines you and defines others around you .. define your own Tribe -- Totally Stupid expletive loool ;) Hows that For Motive now ...
EOD were you not referring to HoV possibly before a name change-- and yes i was there was told it was disbanding so got told to go find a NEW quite literally same with most of NEW -- Not our fault it was a feeder tribe set up by TSF.. Cant prove it but its quite obvious when you look at what Diablos was doing .. Hence why i wasnt going to take part in your reusse.. seen it all before ...
working for TSF all along? now that is deep accusations do you have proof of that?
I don't believe in points win wars i believe in bashpoints shows strength. and i got 281,669 and still 10 intact fully equiped nukes :D :D :D
I am not a cheapo that spend a handful of resources to build my 5k axe nuke i prefer the real tribal wars 2 nukes not gonna give any intel on what kind of nukes they are. A hint, the most expensive nuke in tribal wars but it only takes 16 days to build. it's good stuffs:)

You were part of EoD= Echoes of Death. this is facts you cannot run from. either i am drunk( which i am it's sunday) or the tribalwars 2 twstats is correct.
i already have checked it thanx hence why i know i have not been in EOD the name change of a tribe will show up as New name when its changed- remember your history 2ndly good luck with sendiing them 10 nukes at me i can garauntee you will lose 8 just on 1 ville with the point differential and thats without support ;) do your math 2 offence villes to 1 def ville coupled at 50% which you wont have will go to 4 offence villes take that down to 25% thats 8 villes on the point differential of offence villes to 1 defence ville ;)
why are you always suggesting i should waste my troops on a low point player i could just send my sabotage if i wanted too :)

and you were part of Echoes of Death i call them EoD and i will continue do so:)
the twstas doesnt like but i could have picked the wrong person who knows:)
starkiller666;n26603 said:
why are you always suggesting i should waste my troops on a low point player i could just send my sabotage if i wanted too :)
i have sabotage also shame some of your players dont know how too use it properly ... and i see you understand the math - Not always good being huge is it ;)
How would you know if TSF players can use sabotage properly or not? your not part of TSF you are a lowly 20k player that got declined and tribeless.....

it's always good being a big player but it depends on what you noble, there is top 50 players only nobling barbs yes then being big is not good because they got undeveloped villages, while i noble villages with barracks 23 farm max and academy hall of order only...
(3.5k+ point village)
Got declined check again lil star - i retracted it myself check your facts again - haha your not so well informed are you after i went apply i realised what a stupid mistake it was to apply in the first place - no point joining people that dont know how to play properly and yh your right people do just take farmland id rather build a lil 1 up from scratch and keep the farmland - takes a while but least i keep the morale deficit on your side niice and low - not that i care arguing with you its just a game :D Im doing alright tribeless atm and back to the sabotage - ive seen the reports from some of your members Sabotage attempt failed - better teach them star -- or not lol up to you ..

Seems like your intelligence has wained and failing you a bit huh - for such a great tribe hahaha - its like you make a load of stuff up to make yourselves look good - shame others also know the truth and have seen these reports themselves
well there is 133 players that would disagree with your first statement.
and play properly? you got 20k points and really really weak army while i got pretty much stacked defensive offensive nukes:):)
hell i am sure you only noble barbs while we got no tolerance for barb noblers:)

and sabotage fail? are you drunk? I got help pushing a player from 7.5k points down to 5k in one day killing academy, church, hall of order, barrack 25-23, HQ 25-24.

you say you have seen all these reports and you got all these friends. prove it. throw in a picture or two stop spread things with no proof :) :)
Hahahahahahahaha- Hahahahahaha oh dear lil Star did something get under your skin then lol well thats unfortunate perhaps you should ask NEW see if they have it in their forums or you could just get 1 of yours too look- do you really want me to name names of these people that failed on the sabotages - i remember them well.. if your lucky i may have it in 1 of my endless mail conversations but when i get time to go through all the passed historic mails i'l surely show them to you if i remember right a few of them were done by e-chips or was it chip e- hmm wierd set of names them too huh ;) oh yh then there is the people that were attacking loveTHEtoke think that was anghotoang or something like that located by lucashelsing .. big fail that 1 loool all them nobles hahaha ooops was that me again haha .. So lil-big star surely livened you up though huh :p me only noble barbs lmfao shouldnt make accusations like that think 2 of my villes were barbs the rest are hand built ;) i can assure you of that in fact im taking another lil baby as we speak - definately not a barb .. Im sure you have taken alot more Barbs- should start calling you Barbie doll..
Wauw someone is mad because he got kicked out of NEW and not got a tribe to play in.... Q-Q [HR][/HR]

HAHAHA do you ever stop and think Barbie doll- you know what i should just call you the liar of the server - You have NO IDEA.. you live in a DayDream Constantly.. hahahaha kicked lmfao i should kick you for lieing and making up stuff - Your making yourself look really stupid Barbie Doll
I think you need to control your mouth and words a little - its not riling me whatsoever - i just cannot wait to see you in the future.. it could take years hopefully it wont - ever seen that program CATFISH - loooool - reminds me of you Barbie Star Doll
Kick me how? sorry to break this out for you, but you are tribeless..... tribeless and a troll looking for attention. nothing more, nothing less.

I have no idea what? explain it to me then? Be a man and give some proof of your 20k point scrubby account?

are you saying you are leader of a tribe? lets just imagine for one second you got a second account and is the leader of TSF. But that means you got a second account and we all know what happens to cheaters..... :p

my future is pretty simple.. i will continue to grow.... become bigger... hit a million in offensive bashpoints.... a million in points... and when the co op finally arrives i will allow someone else to play on my account full time and i will go into teaching mode.
teach people how to play tw1 style, after all in tw1 i have always enjoyed the outnumbered but not outgunned gameplay:)
Straighten you up .... 1. Only account i have ... so showing point 1 to me .. lol on the troll bit , im far from that ;) first thing you should think about first .. is how little you feel now.. yes im Tribeless but given my area i work well.. 20k point scrubby account lmao its 24k :p soon to be 30k - low points doesnt mean weak means tactical i could take as many villes as i want too but im holding off playing it a better way than you .. Dont be mad .. Wow points... the game is not about Points!! and allow co op you mean sell !! right.. and go into teaching mode lol means cease to play lol.. naughty naughty..

Play smart and live longer ..
Lil Star Barbie Doll ..
And BarbTakerdoll- I would love Inno too look into my account and post the findings of your accusation- would only clarify what i have been saying ....
I would like them too now - And made the declaration- public knowledge ..
When you get online and see this Starkiller666 - check your toes see if they are bleeding :) -- > Sorta shot yourself in the foot there :D another saying is cutting your nose off to spite your face :)