Lets get the entire world to delete


This most recent balance update has pretty much the entire world in an uproar from what I've seen. The wall build times are probably the worst aspect of it, though the church and the tavern are also completely messed up as well. The development staff finally replied with a video saying they have no desire or plans to change the wall build times to be faster, and as it stands walls take 9 days to go from 0 to 20.

So I had a funny thought that if we could get the majority of a world to just delete their accounts
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I have a better proposition if they decided to actually change it to such a wide days until it is fully complete, why not adjust the defensive output of it as well, that way the wall grows importance, even if it takes so much, as a compensation. This idea kills everything that once a technique was built once 3 def + 1 atk is no longer efficient and and warmongers can feast upon this sort, the game is no longer friendly for everybody, as it forces turtle players or farmers to play aggressive and more alert if they wish to survive.
Some people are really pissed off and will quit the game.


Turtles are bad for the game in general.

I still watch, the politics and moving of this world are - interesting. Juval doesn't fight wars, they fight politics, that is why warlords don't work on a world like this, mixing and moving simply because of politics.


have a big team working as one? you dont need to bother building walls...