Keeping the World alive


It's obvious this world is struggling because you're all hiding underneath the TSF banner which has more than 1/3 of it's tribe inactive, take the best of the best and form tribes under good leadership.

Chips methods have indeed failed as we predicted, Big Fish regained our number one spot and we shall hold it, but this doesn't need to be the end of the world.

More tribes should be formed, encouraging the extension of this world otherwise the 7+ months you've played this game for has been wasted under terrible leadership.

Get into discussions and show this world that you're fighters and do not hide behind the tag of a failed tribe, create your own legacy, shape the history of this world and let's fight to the bitter end.

This is me encouraging you all to shape up, don't make the failing of one person dictate how you're remembered.
zGrim, you beat me to the punch, i was just logging in to say something very similar.
How I think this world SHOULD progress.
The skilled players in TSF should start banding together in their own mini-tribes, eat the inactives, teach the actives, form bonds of comradeship with players in their areas, The tribes being created who have no "enemy" tribes nearby form alliances with those on the fronts with BIG and UTF, sending support to them. try for NAPs or alliances with other existing tribes. BIG will continue to march across the map, but the number of inactives in TSF mean that cannot be prevented, the method I spelt out will slow us down untill you have a skilled cadre to form around, and fight back. The final battle has not happened yet, and TSF does not have the discipline or cohesion to survive untill, let alone take part, in that final battle.
How I think this world WILL progress
As things stand, the final showdown looks like it will be between UTF and BIG. the rest of the world will have crumbled to dust long since, and then the true titans will stare each other down, the alliance will decay as the two tribes solidify their borders, then all of a sudden both tribes will launch at the same time, it will be a battle the like of which has never been seen. And unlike TSF and any of her enemies, UTF and BIG will banter about it in good fun knowing that this was the natural progression of the world, there were no cheap shots, no cheap shots, just two great tribes battling it out for supremacy for lack of any other challenge.

TSF, loyalty to a doomed tribe is not honourable. It is foolishness. Your leaders have driven you into the ground for the sole purpose of bragging rights. Dont believe me? why is it that TSF didnt want Retribution for so long, then the moment they started to lose ground to BIG, they brought in all those players they didnt want? The only reason I can see is that they wanted the points so they could still say they were the best tribe, despite losing territory to both BIG and UTF. Why else would they keep the inactives instead of internalling them? Heck, BIG is internalling more TSF inactives than TSF is!
Look to your brothers, see which ones have the ability to hold on to this world, band those together, then look for the brothers who may not be able to hold on alone, but are active and willing to learn, then bring them into the fold, help them grow fat on internalled villages, teach them to fight. This world will not be won on numbers of players, villages, or points. But on the activity and teamsmanship of the tribes in the final battle. This is how BIG grew up on the RIM to knock out the top core tribe, by taking anyone willing to learn, and helping them become the biggest fish in the pond, then throwing them into the larger sea.
This world need not end for TSF players, but it does need to end for TSF the tribe. The name has failed, the reputation is shot, you are LAUGHED at by even the smallest of tribes. and you can not regain that reputation as TSF.
I want a challenge, and TSF has failed to provide one. The closest they have come is to turtle up to slow our advance, I have had a better challenge with Transcendants than I have with TSF. If it werent for transcendants tendancy to bite of more than they can chew, Id say they have more chance of taking part in the final battles than TSF have of surviving as a cohesive force another fortnight.
True True... TSF has failed under poor leadership and management of the tribe. The leader does not know who goes inactive before BIG starts nobling the inactive first. I suggest that TSF just split itself up into regions and start growing back up as seperate tribes. TSF in world 1 has failed and TSF in world 7 has failed. Possible leaders could be Chahyunun and Tokonawa perhaps forming their own tribes. Mighty leader of R&R Rospar has quit the game after cazza and i nuked the hell out of him which is quite sad. So for the better fun of this world and better challenge for people TSF should be disbanded and people form tribes of their own regions. The retribution players and TSF players really need teaching to get becauz they attack me with archers and their nukes consist of only 250 LC which is really pathetic considering the duration of time since the start of this game. The bashpoints of the retribution players are close to 0 meaning that they only munched the barbs or internal villas which the players cleared when they left. If this is the case then these players should have thousands of troops stacked up somewhere but everytime i attack any player of TSF or exR&R around me i get nothing. This is making the game really boring due to poeple just nobling villages because they think points will win the war. But troops win the war not points. Also to CHIP i think its time that he realizes he threw away a good tribe that could have thrived due to his poor leadership. By seperating TSF the leaders can really teach how the players should play this game more efficiently and actively. Although i am part of the Big Fish tribe i have been teaching players from Time To Rise how to effeciently play the game and have been clearing villas for them to take and grow. So unless peole want to see just BIG fish munching up everything it is time for people to actually decide whether they want to go down fighting or just wait under the name of TSF till the BIG fish munch them.


It's obvious how things are going.

I'm getting Titan members daily asking to join my tribe, the answer is a flat out NO.

I could not care if you were the Queen of England.

I offered positions to members who I thought deserved to join, if you turned me down then I am not going to accept you now, we've known all along how this world would progress and that we would be the tribe to stay dominant, we started from the ground up, we've had hiccups a long the way, but essentially we worked through the rough patches and are the tribe that's on top, it's as simple as that, if we got there without you, we do not need you now, recruiting members for the sake of recruiting members is what made your tribe fall further from grace.

I believe Jaehun hit the nail on the head, split yourselves into sectors and form tribes willing to fight it out, I'm happy to give new tribes a grace period to grow until they're comfortable taking us on, I'm even willing to mentor players on how to structure themselves, send me a message and we'll discuss the terms.

Our main interest is keeping the fight going, we do not want the war to end here with inactives laying at our feet, we want to fight it out until the end of the world is announced, if we're the last ones standing we're going to be there because we fought our way there.

if u see the map (im orange XD). you can see that alot of TSF members at the North West are far from the BIG cluster. Maybe forming a tribe their with UTF possibly? could create a force that could counter BIG and make the War much better that way the world can be cut in half
problem is most of their experienced fighters are on our "half" of the map. i dont know of many recent fights elsewhere in tsf territory.
Rospar quit the game after taking heavy fire for 3 days, and who else do we have now to fight? I'm not touching the lower players so that they can grow for the while but somehow these R&R and TSF players keep taking the 51 point villas in their province XD they need serious teaching

Maybe i shouldn't attack these guys.... they quit too easily...
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