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Will there be Christmas and New Year attack break on En14?

If so what times and dates do they start and finish.?


breaks u serious no there is no days off in tw's unless approved by leaders of several tribes which i highly doubt since not everyone celebrates christmas and not everyone's new years is at the same time either


There is nothing silly about asking this question, it has happened in the past where christmas day has been attack free. Hopefully they will see the benefits of this and do it again this year.


well such things maybe good for 1 tribe but not the others.all the tribes will get to rebuild for 1 day,which will benefit stronger players,however those small who tried to to take down a mammoth will not be able to attack next time.


Either way i agree with doing this, it happened in tribal wars 1 for 3 years running on every world. and yeah maybe it does mean big tribes can build but so can everyone else, its a 1 day benefit for everyone, if hes bigger and stronger than you and you don't know how to snipe and such then your going to die anyways so i really would suggest we do this, but getting in-touch with the leaders is the start


For those of you that have, or are playing tribal wars1, you know that holiday breaks are server side attack shutdowns. NOBODY is allowed to attack for 24-48 hours during Christmas and new years I believe.

If you try to send attacks during this period the troops simply "vistit" the town and have a merry time with the troops there :)