Hall Of Fame

(6) Worlds are lacking a Hall Of Fame. Starting from #49 up (excluding #50 which needs a UI overhaul as the HoF is horrendously displayed)

This would take less than an hour to do for each world.

It has been 303 days since last Hall of Fame was updated on World #48.

Is this seriously how you run a forum website or a leaderboards? First you sue the TW2map/stats team and serve them a cease and desist letter years back and you can't even follow up with your own game! How pathetic and ridiculous!

What is the point of playing your game wasting our time, money, energy in a big ass sinkhole of a game if you can't reciprocate the favor?

Clocks tickin' Inno, get on it. We pay your bills and have your shareholders get dividends for the stock they buy. Do your consumers right and fix your game or sell it to someone who will. Take note of Jagex and follow suit. You are long past due as being the sole overlords of a game that desperately needs an overhaul from people who actually care about the game.
Big Ol' Fat Bump for the Community Manager to touch basis on. Or Tokano, whichever is fine; I just want my damn Hall of Fame.