Gwendoline's Game

What is the purpose of giving us Noblemen that we still have to pay for in Coins, make absolutely no sense.
Okay so I will just Refill the wheel early game and by myself 20 odd nobles and once I get an academy I can just start off by minting one coin and getting my first noble through the academy ???!!! Yes I agree late game it makes no sense, but why waste your money on it at all then, none of the rewards makes any difference then except the coin one... I mean Yay I am getting 20k iron or 100 spears or 50 HC that's going to make a huge difference when I have 50 odd villages... No wait clay booster I need that Now!... Even the bountiful Harvest isn't that desirable as you have probably been able to get a few through the resource deposit... Bountiful Season, I would go for that...
It looks like version 1.96 has been swept under the rug.... unless they were available in other realms....
But weren't we promised new wheel special items? :

Forced village loyalty
Troop aura for faster recruitment?
Extra provs bonuses local and global
Resource filling items or something

Yeah all that shit inno?....
Nothing to see here .... move along right?
Yeah probably would have been op... no doubt there would have been some deep pockets non stop refreshing the wheel

I was interested to see what the fuss was about tho

Alas.... inno giveth and just as quickly taketh away ...