Gossip Thread

I don't think DES players know how to play this game, all they do is send nukes on a 17-hour trip only to get dodged, hope these kamikaze players would understand when they are getting nobled. Bull shit play style from DES.
"Sittin' on the throne in my castle
I'll be sittin' when the noobs come
Watchin' the attacks roll in
And then watch 'em fall away again

I'm sittin' on the throne all day long
Watchin' all the noobs fall away
Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the throne
Wastin' your time

You left your home in NoWhere Vill
Headed ole' Dagda's way
Cause you've got nothing to live for
And looks like nothin good gonna come your way

So I'm just gonna sit on my throne
Watchin' all the noobs fall away
Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the throne
Wastin' your time

Look's like nothin' gonna change
Everything still remain's the same
You can't do what 10 players normally do
So I guess it will remain the same

Sittin' here resting my bones
And those noobs want leave me alone
Oooo-wee, sittin' on my throne
Watchin' you wastin' time.
My little birdies are telling me that the South west commander of Destiny is crying for support. Guess I make people cry when I hit them.
And the long distance nuking continues, love the way DES are wasting time as A.M is nobling the DES players in the SW sector, I doubt if DES knows how to grab a few villages, using noble trains and fakes on enemy players.

I'm a new player in tw2, I used to play tw some years ago so i decided to check this new one, and check the forum also. I have a question if someone could explain it to me because I'm too lazy to search by myself:p
What does MRT meam? I've been seeing it a lot here and have no clue what it is.
That entire OP destiny just did was a complete failure for them. They lost 10 nobles that I know of alone, well over 20 nukes, and have nothing to gain for it. Makes me giggle.
They must have recruited another player, They're beating us in PPM by 80 points. However, with them having a massive OP on us and catting us like the idiots they are, We've managed to put up a 21k point lead on their growth. We were evenly matched for growth for a day or two. At the rate we're expanding, We'll pass them in points and villages within two weeks.
They keep stunting their growth with idiotic Ops, forcing their members to lose nuke after nuke without taking a village from us. This puts them at a disadvantage due to us Dodging our offensive and farming with it. I would assume that 40%+ of their members are not academy ready.