Gossip Thread

Figured I'd try to get this worlds forum active.

Any gossip mere hours into the world?Anyone people should watch out for etc?
Just a heads up Jackal isnt the kind of player you want in an "elite" tribe.poor guy got several villages taken by a player many times lower than him.Simply check his stats on tw2tools for urqhart.He has no thought of dodging attacks or moving troops around untill he realises im not going to stop untill i take the ones in my province if then.
khal drogo is a new player who i have yet to see get past mid game tbh.
Also it would seem someone is using my name
and one of my tw1 tribe names....is not impressed.
fuck someone pulled memories out of my head and turned them into tribes.
First Exile and now i see an Axe...whats next a DAD a Envy -?- the list can go on.I wont be surprised if i see one considering ive seen the first two already.
Exile brought a memory for me, although it was The Forgotten Exiles, its where i mostly learned the hell i was doing XD
Looks like for you any tribe name brings a memory out....living in the past is not good tho
When you've been around as long as some of us have darling we're allowed to.
If their anything like their ancient version then they'll make it far . Atm it's too early to do tribe rankings

For me it was out of exile and then I see a username saying oldbloodblaise and I'm like tf my ta name was called Blaise
For real though, Who the hell likes to waste troops on day 2 spiking barbs? AM. Has gotten over 3.5k OBP on DAY 2 FROM JUST SPIKES.
Funny though, seems like it is your own members doing it...or am I looking at it all wrong :confused:

More interesting is the DBP vs OBP ... see the huge gap between them, so how much damage are you really doing with the spiking of the barbs?
Well they are not with a tribe which makes it strange, but also easy to give them some pay back then...but my point still remains
Top 25 Players in DPB = Total DPB of 9781
Top 25 Players in OPB = Total OBP of 13 455
Who is really loosing out?
The spikers. I hit 16 spiked barbs yesterday alone, and cleared 4 of them Hence why I have 3500 OBP. I stopped farming the provinces that are being spiked, only hit one spike in the last 10 hours due to this.