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what about crowners and scripters?
crowning is p2w

scripters exist.always have always will. as long as they dont use script for anything but farming idc really. its a bit stupid to expect people with 5+villages to manually farm for all resources because other people are just using scripts anyway
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That’s one way to kill a game I guess lol, and y’all wonder why worlds are shrinking when the majority of players now have the mentality of “get good” mortgage the house and sell the kids, join the people doing so, or piss off

I didn't tell you to give in to pay2win lol, I just point out that is it almost unavoidable as most games offer it in some form or another, especially games similar to tribalwars..... get good or just get rimmed I guess idk why else to play the game?
I play to see people make fools of themselfs. And the beer talk is funny as hell. The mass crowners that keep a million crowns at all time and watching them waste so much money to make people think there good makes me Laugh. Becouse if they didnt have the crowns they be farmvilles.