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Fucking insane!!

Tms will leave forums!!!

Ok guys, now forums wont be spammed.
Literally TMS can have 20/30 of the 81 Pages of the forum spamming stupid things.

And just kiddin

Some ones gotta be here to raise the IQ...

Here's an Example of the C - Tier players you're playing with wak .

This is a 30hr train...

30hrs ( Palms face ) wtf...


A C Tier tribe will win the Realm


I have no interest talking to a big mouthed 19 y/ old much longer.

Im just here to troll and slander cos inteligent or reasonable debate isn't A thing.
It's the Clown Tribe especially with u in it
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This died to troops being recruited in queue there wasn't even a garrison there.
The player just sent a return noble with this for some reason...

It's a travesty
That I'm.
Probably gonna lose to
So many C Minus players wak
Wtf tms.

You want me sharing how 60k HC and 1300 trebs stop 5/6 nukes of "pro" SFU mates?

And another dont dare compare us .

You're a recent addition to EN

No one Had even heard of you 3 years ago and you've won


Too date....

Whereas I'm a proven Confirmed A + player
When compared with some of the Tools in this Realm Anyway!

Plus I'm Famous in the community and have many many friends

You Do not on the other hand.

You have no friends
Except A few of ur Spanish mates .

You could have been one of us

But I see clearly now you're a very underhanded person.
But that's alright

Have fun taking what ever
Amigo .
Cos this Poorly balanced Game is on the way out with the exodus it'll see after this realms over .
They'll struggle to even have a few good tribes per realm imo

TMS the spammer!!

That guy that even being in water continue speaking.

Im a noob, that just have 5/6 worlds. And 3 in .EN worlds.
And i was stoping "best" warriors in .EN like the big and great TMS.

TMS the spammer!!

That guy that even being in water continue speaking.

Im a noob, that just have 5/6 worlds. And 3 in .EN worlds.
And i was stoping "best" warriors in .EN like the big and great TMS.

You're An idiot
A mouthy Kid with A lot to say.
But I predict very little action IRL
All things equal you would nt have a chance against a Tribe of Elite EN players.

That's why all these Eastern tribes cheat right away because their scared
And know they need an advantage

Look at rhe first ban wave
Go on
And look at all the proxy Russian tribes
And their def bash
And res delivery achievements
Before majestic delete the accounts

Look at geto dacii
Well u can't now actually cos geto dacii is fucked except that Spas Berserker.

But half the tribe had special delivery unlocked in the 3 days...


Because if you aren't I'm starting to realise you have mental disadvantages also.
It's just taken me a while to figure it out

Are You special Wak?
It's OK if you are would make sense then all the bullshit you write
The reality is TMS.

When u had won. U play with cheaters.


2/2 wins u had win against me.

When your mates cant script?

Just take some time to think.
get your worlds right wak. en53 was arundel and TMS didn't win that. unless he was part of da merge to end a stagnant world
no matter what world I play in, I always find a player like TMS! where words go no further than deeds)))

p.s.don't you dare stop your humor, we monitor your IQ) ;)
good good.
can always just make another forum account apparently. i mean hasnt that guy with the reaper pfp been banned on 2 diff forum accounts and just caso avoiding it with 0 consequences

Might not be a perma
Might be like 2 or 3 months or something.

Which is perfect cos I don't have to interact
With the retard clown Special needs crew for the rest of the realm hopefully :cool:

If its a perma
Oh well
I can't argue after all the mocking of the disabled ( majestic ) ive just done

If there are Any more stupid questions
To be asked

Please submit them Now
Before I get banned

At least I'm Free from
For a few months / forever
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