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I've just finished work on Christmas day...

I was gonna comment...

But ahhh
Going zzzz instead!

Don't attack me! My spidey senses pick up all incomings :D
You comment that you don't understand a word of it?

Ok I'll be fair I'm not having a Go at Ur culture don't get me wrong

I don't know much about Romania
Some good stuff:

I know Vlad Tepes
Fighter of the Ottomans respect.

I know Georgi Hagi
Great Footballer

I know Loredana Toma, Gabriel
World class weightlifters ( I'm a weightlifter too, amateur)

But If this is Romania Music...
Jesus I feel bad for u

Sounds like bollywood crap

Well. ... all music nowadays is crap
But this is a special kind of crap :D

No this is mega crap lol sorry
At least if you understand a word of it:))
Explain all about traitors and people like you!


Thay would assume I was apart of your tribe.

I'd rather not play the game if that was the case.

DAC claimed to be the best tribe ever but they are full of dead accounts, nobodies and mergers.

I think your song is all about you.

Not me.
On another note, I laugh at the pussies who were always too afraid to attack me until christmas.
Dirty tactics my friends, enjoy my nuke.
Not open for further replies.