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General Discussions (Quadrangular castle)

Not open for further replies.
...The only fair tribe is Majestic...


I've tidied this up a bit, tried to leave what I could, apologies that it looks a bit disjointed.

I've tried to avoid doing so, but handed out actual warnings now. I've posted in here enough times.


I mean, can I actually get any clearer than this? Just stop it.

To clarify, you will have received an actual notification of a warning should you have received one.
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This must be new, I never got any from AshieM and Tokano in the past and got instant banned. Hmmm

I'm trying to be nice. I dislike banning people unless I absolutely have to because everyone is actually contributing in the main, and I don't want to stop that. The constant "X is cheating" just needs to stop.
"i don't understand what's happening, and here's why" -the three donkeys above me

like do all three of you get mommy to tie your shoes for you? it shows

Lord fuzzy Take noW barbars :))) why u can 't touch DAC VILLAGES? :))
didn't fuzzy bully ur boy wattaf into quitting btw
Lordfuzzy is the guy who start to grow with internals and one moled barb? His first 5 villas was from chikerino. Is the same guy da Vinci? Or you speak about other God of the game?
Someone can say vik my discord dont work good?
i just write him and discord say she block me... any idea why discord send me this mensage?
Not open for further replies.