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Whoever they merge with will be cool to fight with, that's why everyone came here to fight in the biggest battle of all with new world settings, no?
Fixed it, I mis-read your name, lol

And yes the point of this realm was to be a chaotic *hit-storm which it has brewed to be. The remaining question is where that *hit storm will land and rain down on.

Would have joined, but have obligation to another realm sadly
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Also if you look at top players by villages, you can find significantly larger percentage of -V- and DAC players, what's going on, did SFU got canceled?
Jesus is it just Me posting here! Lol...

I'm keeping you tw2 addicts feed with your regular fix of skirmishes and battles heh?

Ok who's ready for Story Time with Thatsmyspot.
This is the story all about being dead and buried but somehow clawing
To life when it looks hopeless.

Lesson for u kids out there never throw in the towel u never know u might just get a lucky break...

So naturally after yesterday. Dacii relocated some nukes and prepped nobles etc.
And starting attacking about 1pm
Which I was horrified about as suffered alot yesterday troop wise.

Still I saw nice and early and began planning how best to cover all vills under attack.

After a while it was clear the target.
Though I was unsure if I could spare enough def...
And boom a 6500lc nuke added with 1 hour to go..

Sent what I could
Was working at time of landing begged coops for help ( they know who they are ! Awesome Work guys, Legendary stuff) to preset snipe. Release hospital troops anything...

It was desperate.
Hoping for a miracle....

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First Nuke no problem
Though it levelled my walls, not good

View attachment 2770

Flammas 2nd nuke a mean max LC pally nuke, horrifying

View attachment 2771

Last.Nuke Oberon
I was pleading, he make same error as yesterday and send a faithless nuke but no.
Pally with nuke and other Max LC nuke at me , Jesus.

View attachment 2773
Just under half killed and I'm dead surely?
Nobles to follow... same sec.

View attachment 2772

But God himself was smiling on Me and my coop pulled of a preset support snipe with this poultry support...
Just . Just enough to kill one noble
Meaning loyalty went down to 9 only

Vil is still mine

Then the usually Calculated cautious Flamma
Made a rare error.

I'm online .
A 4hr and a half hour noble and nuke to try finish the job.

With unity that's just a bridge to far buddy...

And 4 hours later....
View attachment 2774

View attachment 2775

A satisfying ending to Another Night's
Misery lol

I'm riding My luck atm

But if I don't say so myself .
If I do go down
I've taken
Tens of thousands
Even hundreds of thousands of Dacii troops with Me.
And set My Romanian friends back many weeks .
Maybe go try some one else for abit?

I d like a break now. Even I can't Go God Mode everyday :eek::oops:

Later pencil Necks! :D
I'm very sorry about the SOP situation.

now, they don't just have russians and wak.
Now they got the damn @el titiritero against them.

Let us pray for their souls ... And may God catch them confessed!​
Yep. Everyone is trying to deceive everyone by concluding fake agreements in the hope of surviving.

The only fair tribe is Majestic - they just speak English bad enough, so they don't know how to lie :)
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