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Whilst I understand things may be frustrating, please remember calling out specific people or tribes regarding bans / cheating is not allowed under the forum rules.
@ArbitraryCamel why my mensage is deleted. And those people are talking about bans every day dont get banned?

It was deleted because it was completely unnecessary, the original post had been dealt with myself, and you are not a moderator and therefore are neither in a postion to, nor need to, castigate someone over their forum activity.

Any post that has directly accused someone of cheating has been dealt with that I have seen. If you feel I have missed one, or more posts, that are in breach of the rules, report them and I, or another member of the team will review and act as necessary.

As to questions of bans. Read the forum rules.
I understand your pain, Roman, to lose to DACI was a big hit, but I give them respect the amount of pressure they put on you is enough to make even players like you quit, that's there strength, they daily put attacks on you without stop, and they have a strong foothold in the rear with many-many players base to secure it and they are not afraid to use them to eat barbs, that's the strength, don't mistake it for luck or weakness, if they were using so much scripts as you say, wouldn't they got all banned already?
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