Game not loading, or only 20%

This started about 30 mins ago, i was on EN 19 and when switching from EN 19 to my EN 20 from the in game drop down menu, [log off and the drop down menu] the load bar appeared on screen and then froze at about 15 to 20%n on the progress bar.
I tried pressing F 5, which usually works fine, but the progress bar again loaded up to the 15% - 20% progress point, then froze.
Now i have cleared that tab completely and used the link from your External Forum, [To the game], entering my id name and password.
Result game will not load past the log on screen, faced with the revolving circle, shown in the LOGIN BOX,
it is 10 minutes now, still no log in, just the revolving circle.

Latest version of chrome. Win 8.1, cleared cache, all your usual things.
Thank you very much @Canibal12,
I am sure we will all greatly appreciate your efforts to ensure we get the usual customary screen warning of a Maintenance break.
It should also reduce the number of complaints, postings, and tickets sent to support.
Inadequate Communications Channels or Bandwidth has been a CONSTANT PROBLEM with TW2 for at least the last Six Months.
I've been Fobbed Off with every excuse under the sun, and have tried Every "Fix" (Excuse) suggested WITHOUT ANY IMPROVEMENT.
I know SCORES of other players who have similar problems, but every time I report the problem Support tries to tell me the problem is unique to me.
I have Changed Browsers, Changed Operating Systems, Changed Computers, Changed my ISP, even Changed the Way I Connect to the Internet, but I still have ALL of the SAME Problems.
The CONSTANT need to REFRESH ..... HUNDREDS of times during any game session, in order to UNFREEZE Buttons that Frequently Refuse to Work (or work but ONLY After Long Delays), or to get Screens to Update their Info.
Reloading Problems when Loading FREEZES at around 20%, or around 70% when the Progress Bar reaches the letter "i" in the word "Loading".
COUNTLESS "Connection Fault" Error Messages that pop up onto the screen regardless of whether I'm pressing buttons or waiting for something to complete.

I'm taking the time to write this, instead of playing, because around TWENTY CONSECUTIVE ATTEMPTS to get the game to RELOAD (because Screens are Refusing to Update), have all FROZEN at the 20% point.

Many Times, before reporting the Problem to Support, I'll check other Websites, or my email server, and I NEVER have a problem with ANY OTHER WEBSITE - Just Inno Games !
LOGIC therefore demands that if I have NO Problems communicating with ANY other Website, the fault MUST lie with Inno Games.