Founder's Privilege & Farewell

I wrote this memo to my tribemates, but realize some who have already gone wont see it. I will post it here for all. Id call it a note, but its a lot too long winded for that.

As an addendum, I'd like to thank Shek, Jrae, Tybor and their crew for rising up and being so well organized, committed (until recently of course) and respectable through a hard fight. I would have liked things to have gone differently in some respects.

Id also like to thank Octro for being such a supreme ass that our mutual disdain solidified us and took us from an also ran, to a realm favourite for victory (one of, at the time).

Thanks to Kropovs for rebuilding so many villages for Wolf to pound, and thanks to Yuri for having so few commitments in the real world he taught many in the north how to be better warriors.

Finally thanks to the mods and developers. You addressed issues and probably did your best to work around a game that wasnt ready to be played by the masses. Its getting there, and despite the annoying misses, was addictive enough to keep going. This is a testament to you and the game.

PM00 has written:It is with great pride I see the notes and messages being posted, there is a well rounded group of contributors, warriors and leaders we have assembled here. Since I joined this realm nearly a year ago, and formed !AC I have made it part of my style to not take much privilege as Leader/Founder but will do so now, in the form of a long winded message of thanks and farewell.

First of all, to all those

who made it their pride to support a mate when asked;

who stayed up late to send that last noble, or snipe the enemy's;

who followed our claim rules and responded to circulars when asked;

who tirelessly maintained numerous villages, maintained troop counts and always rebuilt;

who accepted a market offer even when you didnt need it, but a tribemate did

THANK YOU. It is these contributions that made us win.

Personally, I'd like to thank Descott, Pacothewaco and Spot29 who from a simple text message from me saying I was going to try TW again made the life altering decision to jump on the server and carry the torch, as leaders of various styles beginning to end. Cindi was soon to follow and as she did in TW1, W12, maintained her dedication, and caring touch which well balanced the no nonsense approach of Darteye who made fast friends with Descott, the 3 of us sharing leadership for a long time. Descott and I shared leadership in TW to success, and for some crazy reason we decided to try again.

Id like to thank Draedlord, and his great TNG team (Yendor, atko, furax, DLVN, mark and others). He orchestrated an infusion of active warriors into !AC when we were being pinched in the south, SE and E. Had we battled eachother, instead of together, we never would have been successful.

I'd like to thank the leaders in the north of various tribes who agreed to join and give us infusions of energetic talent, who would later prove invaluable as major contributors, such as Jackle, and through Zeki & Malific players likeStyr, Mish & Knownskull - and so many others that I didnt get to know as well, whos contributions are still being felt.

Thank you to SmallT for dozens of support updates... per hour. To Blackjaxe for not figuring out the messaging system. To AIDz for the colourful descriptions of planned attacks. The realm would not have been the same without it.

To My Bad for finally responding to a 3 month old message, and agreeing to bring his assembled crew over, tipping the scales in our favour with their talents, dedication and leadership.

To ehcubed whos constant activity gave us something to aspire to, however far out of reach. To Vegetta, whos bashpoints gave much the same. Your two contributions although varied were never unappreciated or unnoticed. I wish I got to know more of the S and SE crew more, even in the last week I've begun to get to know some, and I regret not doing it sooner.

To JohnnyWest who went from outsider to leading battle groups in just over a week when our Leaders had to step back, and to Rade who stepped up much the same time, and hasnt ceased in being an integral part of this tribe, the community revolves around you. Thank you.

My chance conversations/invitations to Mikesky, Simpa Jussi (Levike-from our very first merger) and Wolf were some of the best decisions I made personally. Adding these guys gave me battle groups north and south I could count on, and still can to this day.

To those who have left this realm after making contributions to our success, or better yet, contributed their villages and hard work to those of us who carried on, giving us one of the legs we stand on in victory, thank you.

To my friend Raz, the first top player, from a top tribe who saw the potential, and defected to !AC before all others. Thank you.

To my warrior pals Syphax, Dajaku and Kreigas of late, thanks for playing the game how its meant to be. To the former HAL crew who chose and fought on the correct side to end it, well done and thank you.

Please know that if I did not mention you personally it is not that you did not impact me or the realm, every battle won. Every spear of support. Every spy sent, you won the realm. My crummy memory at this moment does not mean I wont sit back in 5 minutes and appreciate you.

I must again thank Spot, Descott, and Paco. You stayed my friends after I monopolized a year of your life. Andrew, Dan and Trevor.

Trevor thanks for not quitting that first Saturday night you were freaking out on my couch when getting attacked by not one, but two tribes, before any one else in our tribe had been attacked at all. You made it to 5 villas after all!

Dan, for suiting up without question and Leading, analysing the game in a way few, if any, can, even around a camp fire or holiday party.

Andrew for our daily morning chats, and countless messages back and forth. We wouldn't have won the north without you, and I wouldn't have wanted to play without all of you.

Unlike most games TW is a battle against time, attrition, and others. You must make friendships, working groups, and concessions to be successful, as in life. Im proud of those I won this realm with, you are good tribesmates, and better, people. If you cant play hard and play fair, why play.

I may join another realm next week, next year, or again, in 5 years, or I may not. I do owe some favours :)

For the rest of you, play as long as you enjoy the journey, because as we are seeing right now, the destination is but a quick glimpse of a grand view. The road travelled is the real win. Go outside, take a breath, you earned it. Do what you enjoy, play again.

Ladies and Gentleman, it has been my privilege. Thank you



I was going to do something like this when my tribe wins the server. It's cool seeing things like this.


Good read, I wish I could come up with some cool things to say about my tribe, but the truth is I hate them, each and everyone of them :p. On a serious note, I dabbled for a very short while on tw1, so en3 of tw2 was the first time I played long term. I enjoyed it and had a bunch of great guys around. Obviously it didn't end the way we would have hoped for, but things happen. I learned from my mistakes in en3 as some things that happened have left a lasting image in my head. I decided in the future I would not make those same mistakes as I have implemented the corrections into en11. I made a lot of friends in my tribe as well as friends that are in !iNactive, a lot of good players, it would have been interesting to see how the world would have been if it didn't turn on it's head in March. To those of you I cross paths with in the future, hopefully it comes sooner than later


Woot, I was mentioned :D. I wish I had time to keep rebuilding and defending the villages in the last months though. I let Yoitu fall now. Cant forgive myself that :(
This message changed my view on you a bit. From the in game messages and general attitude you seemed a bit arrognat(ish) guess I should've tried to communicate more.
It was interesting though all through the 24h obvious 4 noble attacks on Paco at the beginning of the game where I lost one of my first nukes and you personally helped slaughter it, to the attacks on Simpa where I slaughtered up to 50k HC a day. Fun times. I only wish there were less people going completely afk. But taking care of my 300 villages turned out to be too much for me to handle at the end so I can imagine all the work you put in leading your tribe.
(some)Respect :p
haha i forgot that was u that made paco freak out early with PM descott and i in chat sending him support hehe....that was fun.

yes high village counts take a bit of work to manage : /


I enjoyed our battles immensely, it is gratifying to play on the side of the underdog. I only wish that you would have had the integrity to not try and make someone the scapegoat for going to war between IN and Unity, we all knew it had to happen. IA merger with WIN made it clear what form of war you had settled on, one with little risk and chance of loss.