Forming A New Tribe To Try To Speed Up This Worlds End

To all that read this post
Ive left MRT and rejoined TRD
There are 62 slots available
Tribe level is 27
If any serious VP gainers are interested and would like to hop over pm me in-game
"i'm gonna speed this world up by making a splinter tribe" just think about it for a moment. only way you're gonna speed a world up is by merging
I think that Vinster is on to something. MRT was crawling towards victory and if everyone in that tribe has kept their current pace, victory would have been won in 3-4 months. 3-4 long, slow, grueling suicide and coma inducing months.
Since MRT leadership failed to merge with their obvious partner OS and failed to motivate growth, it makes sense to start a new tribe that will attract all the active players. They can grow quickly thru recruitment and active acquisition of new villages.