Fish Pond Newsletters Thread


So, we at BIG FiSH, love a little banter, and I decided to create a news letter jeering other people to get morale up a bit, this is a bit of fun, and if anyone takes this seriously, grow a sense of humour :p

I will upload these weekly, they're staggered behind a bit, as some may have intel the enemy would find useful ;)

^ ^ Edition #1 of the Fish Pond Weekly by zGrimReapah - Leader of Big Fish

Hope you guys enjoy this!

Considering how much butt hurt Titan Strike Force got over last weeks amazing edition, we present to you EDITION 2 of the FISH POND WEEKLY

Brought to you by the crew of Big Fish, here for your entertainment 24 hours a day!

Get your edition here, yes, get your edition here while it's still hot!


Edition 3 is now released sorry for the delay, been a little bit busy, tried to clean this one up a little bit more :), this thread is now a discussion thread, we shall release the letters by editing this top post, no more threads will be created, banter is encouraged ;)


Hey all! Here is the latest edition of our fishpond weekly news for your enjoyment :)
Alas it is a little shorter due to the sleepiness of TSF, not really giving us much to report on ;)
Perhaps we'll have more to talk about next time :p


Edition #6: zGrimReapah the Super Villain!

Check it out! :D Thanks for the material guys ;)
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im sure your just playing up the damage i did to that camera crew. i only used a goldfish *cough* tuna *cough*
That was a waste of 3 minutes of my life. Your first newsletter was much better. I can see BIG is led by a 7th grader who is into pokemon and comics. My favorite part of the newletter for sure was your serious conversation where you talk about your favorite teletubby. Im not surprised GrimRepah picked the purple teletubby. We will do our tallking on the battlefield good luck.


Teletubby? Power rangers bro!..

Lol! You'd need to actually launch at us to talk to us on the battlefield..

You're too busy tryna hug it out with UTF up there, I've seen your noble claims bruh, not exciting at all </3


Hey Chip! they've got a competition in the forums, can I count on your vote?!


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Also, if you like, I would much prefer you creating a single forum post that you can edit your links into. I will close and sticky that one and you might use a second thread to announce and discuss your newsletter.
i agree how about one thread for BIGs propaganda war. i prefer to keep all the info in one place fore easier following. One thing i was looking for in the newsletter was info on General Maccleans situation. Ive never seen a player quit with 67 villages and turn them all into barbarians? seems BiG's #5 player and General has gone AWOL Absent without leave. what a horrible way to quit the game. He must have hated his team to turn 67 villages barbarian. LOL. Good Luck BIG seems your top players arent too happy so keep wasting your time talking in forums while we continue to remove you from our map. Good new for you is En12 is opening soon. You can go play there and you wont have to worry about Titans taking all your villages. Good luck in En12 BIG. ROFL RIP General MacClean.
Seriously? The only thing you can think to attack us with is a sub par player who quits? you who has so many inactive players?
Let me know when you have some real trash talk to offer. Its too easy to shoot down these poor attempts. Not as fun as trash talk is supposed to be. I had thought a tribe as big as TSF would have something worthwhile to offer.


Lol sure thing Chip.

General Maclean situation is not satisfactory, but it has to do with being banned "apparently" quite frankly, I don't believe the guy, thought I'd clear this up.

Your attempt at trash talk is amusing, we'll see how much you're flapping your gums when we rim you, you'll be the one joining a new world bud.


Also Chip, newsletters are staggered for you, if you could read you illiterate 15 year old, you'd know this.
Again, no basis in reality. We are taking more villages than we lose. And your complaint is that we dont spend enough time in the game? Seriously, your so much bigger than us, you should be able to do far better than this - both in game, and in the banter.
Ahem. A winning team doesn't have player(s) flush 60+ bases down the toilet because they can't stand the lack of organisation or leadership within their team. If I joined a clan where my leader spent far too much time preparing childish documents to post to the forums instead of running his clan I'd probably do the same thing.

But I didn't.
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hahaha. Organisation? Im yet to see you coordinate one attack. I havent seen one tsf player time their attacks. Learn some coordination, then come talk to me about lack of organisation.