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    So for almost 2 years I have been posting that we need a real end game. Not just hitting 80% which is so boring its crazy. Now we have finally had one rolled out.

    First what was a matter with the current system:

    1. First the game ends up quickly to 2 tribes fighting. The tribe that starts to lose turns to barb nobling and no longer even attacks. Players quit and the winning tribe is left nobling villages for months of inactive players to 80% is hit. No fighting. No excitement.

    So I will start and say. I really really appreciate that you guys are coming up with a end game. I thought for sure the next step in this game would be closing it.

    Here is my idea..... open this up to the community. Let them come up with ideas on how the end game should work. Give them the parameters what can and can't work.
    Then maybe roll out the top five have the community vote on it.

    If that doesn't work. Then have the developers roll out ideas, with explanations and let the community vote on them. Maybe listen to feedback... and roll out a new end game.

    Here is what you guys just rolled out with the new end game:

    MRT's are necessary to win. Small tribes forget it.
    Barb Nobling is a must.
    Attacking a enemy not needed.
    Making sure everyone nobles a village in every province as fast as possible.
    Attack an enemy? why? why bother...there are 5000 barbs to take.
    Noble a 51 point village...sure it counts.

    My Idea:
    If you had gone with the tower idea you simply need to do this. You make 5 different type of towers. A tribe must hold all different types to win. You must control 90% of the province where the towers are located to get credit for holding that tower. There will be 25 of these towers that will be on the map. 5 appear...then a month later 5 more and so on. ...now you have strategy and fighting etc. You must hold the province for 2 weeks above 90%. fall below that and timer resets.

    Just one idea...you might be able to get a lot from the community...USE THEM.
    This new endgame is a nonstarter.

    My Bad
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    Damn mybad!
    Thats a very very good idea!
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    Hi all. Hey My Bad. Long time.

    I really appreciate the developers tackling the end game. It is a major reason why I have not played in a year. I just found the end game too slow and boring. Otherwise this game is fantastic.

    The cornerstone to this new end game is what the Game Team decide on the tribes victory point target. This is similar to if they decided on a different domination percentage instead of the 70% - 80%. So how is this different to say making the current end game target say 50% or less?

    Well it does redirect focus more towards provinces owned by a tribe rather than villages...to some degree. But it now encourages tribes to focus more on nobling barbs for victory points rather than taking enemy villages, especially once the victory target is announced. And that is the major fall down of this new end game unless I am missing something. Sure, many tribes in the current system resort to barb nobling. But all the winning tribes I have been in have won by taking enemy player villages. It is the only way. Now winning tribes will also need to resort to systematic barb nobling? And if the victory point target is set high then it is still a drawn out ending.

    So I am sorry guys for all the work you have done. I can see what you are trying to do. But it seems to me that this will not improve the end game any more than if the domination percentage was lowered.

    Solution direction
    1. Players need to be engaged right up to the end with a more dynamic ending.
    2. This is a territorial war strategic game. The introduction of provinces was fantastic. Build on that. Think Feudal System.
    3. Keep it simple

    Small Tribes
    Keep tribe sizes small for the beginning and mid game. Consider increasing tribe max size as an end game mechanism or a completely different end game system like My Bads above.

    This is Tribal Wars. It is all about the tribe. By forcing tribes to have low max players (e.g. 20), we will have more fun for longer. More tribes at war. More diplomacy. More leaders. More backstabbing. More player/tribe bonding and identity. More great solo players playing tribes against tribes. Less merging. Less moving to a few large tribes that dominate early. Basically more dynamic and fun for longer.

    And large tribes are also fun, but keep them for the end game.

    Make it purely about provinces instead of villages. A tribe must own all player villages in a province to call it theirs. Tribes are scored on how many provinces they own. More villages in a province can mean better defence/offence but that is up to the tribe.

    End Game
    Idea 1
    When a tribe reaches a predetermined % of world provinces owned, e.g 10%, this triggers the max tribe player cap of all tribes to increase by 1 per day until a tribe owns over 50% of the worlds provinces and is declared winner. The numbers can be adjusted to find what works best.

    Idea 2
    The founder can build a Palace in one of his villages that cannot contain a church/chapel. Each day that Palace gains points based on how many provinces the tribe has. The provinces may need to be connected to the Palace province to count. Cumulative points unlock higher tribe max player count. If the founder changes then the Palace village also changes to the new player. But the Palace village cannot be moved except by destroying the Palace which disbands the tribe. An enemy can also target the Palace to disband the tribe. The tribe can of course immediately reform but this is disruptive and they start again at the base tribe player count.

    The tribe must reach a world province ownership like Idea 1

    Other ideas
    or to add onto My Bads tower idea and get real creative,

    A captured palace becomes a tower keeping the same level achieved by the original owners. Towers may give the owners additional end game points. For example, a level 10 Palace that added 10 additional player slots to a tribe if captured becomes a permanent level 10 tower and adds 10 province points to the new owners total province count towards a win.

    Or tribes can become subjects of another tribe and then count towards the dominance percentage but do not receive full end game reward. This allows for a faster end to a game when the other tribes know they are beat. So all players can start a new game faster. Just showing the possibilities.

    Both these ideas would see an extended period of lots of small tribes and then accelerate into less and larger tribes for a faster end game. The world dominance percentage can be smaller and then other tribes are motivated earlier to ally and try stop the leading tribe.

    Small tribes and a focus on Provinces I believe would be a better direction to create more player engagement throughout all stages of the game and a better end game.
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    I have absolutely no knowledge, ability nor experience in coding, programming development or otherwise.

    In order to build on Bad and Peace's ideas,
    Leave existing worlds a they are. The rules were known when we started, leave it be as imperfect as they are. Cap tribe member numbers at a certain point, simply remove it as an option in the skills tree. That number can be tweaked, but say 100. To stop Barb nobling skewing the result, at a certain point, say 40% provinces owned apply a "night bonus" to barbs that makes it no longer viable to Noble them. By this point farming will probably be of secondary importance as war will demand attention. Keep the Province focus of the new end game without the option to "tile" plaers as they farm can't see the fortress option working, and if instituted this game is the same as soooo many others
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    Sp. you go with tower wars or tribal wars? ug stop changing the game it was fine years ago before co ops got added and building level changed. Bring back original dang
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    Agree with the sentiments and the solutions being offered. Also from a business perspective, I imagine this game makes its most profits from people spending crowns on pumping up barbarians and insta-buying troops. This then makes it more profitable for them to continue a reliance on the direction of barbarian-nobling. Why not add more crown-options that promote inter-player combat?

    For example:
    Crown-purchased Rally Point skill: Attacks and supports longer than 24hrs in duration are decreased byb 10 minutes for every 1,000 provisions in the attack/support.
    Crown-purchased Hospital skill: Recycling: When a wall loses more than 5 levels in a single attack, 25 rams become recoverable from the hospital for each successive wall-level lost.

    Like I get that this game wants to maximize profitability, and I have no problem with them adding more player-combat-boosting options; however, I want them to actively promote what makes this game great instead of slowly killing it by slowing it down.

    p.s. Hi Peace & My Bad

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