End Game

No, your calculations weren't off, BIG is over 70% by both points (73,2%) as well as villages (71,7%) among the top 10 tribes.
I think the problem is that the moderators are a bit busy these days.


Maths is not wrong. I will contact one of the community managers and get this looked at. Thanks
Hey everyone,

Please note that it is a manual process so even though sometimes we are late on announcing the start of tribe domination if you calculated that you have reached 70% correctly then you don't have to worry about it and just continue your way to 80%. Once I check the percentages I announce the start of the domination event, but note that I do not check percentages every single day.
Just pointing out that Outlander seems to have disbanded, putting Big Fish at 81.32%
Messaged Blagae about what happened and all I have had back is an acknowledgement that we got the 80% and that hes notified the mods, I have also PMd Dementor about it.
Does it count as a win if the enemy get kicked from their tribe instead of taking their villages (we were at 74.63% prior to the event)

Trying to get words so nobody claims we disbanded it with a spy (im sure someone will do so anyways)
Later communication from Blagae:

Blagae has written:
Simply put, I couldn't hold a line against you, stevecarter and bigmarcus indefinitely, but that was the only real battle on the board. Some of your teammates have been ridiculously easy to defend against. Helios has been trying to take a village off me all year without success, even through the NAP. Nevertheless, all I could ever do was to delay the inevitable.

Our active members agreed unanimously that the game was over. My only regret is for Dan who doesn't deserve to lose. He's a sound player.
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