EN7 stats tool


I have decided it is time to release this tool to the public.
I regularly pull data from tribalwars manually (I havent worked out how to set it up to happen automagically yet), having had the process approved by innogames. And display it on a stats page, it was the first tool to record conquers, and Big Fish have long being using it to check on claims of broken NAP rules or cross-nobling disputes (i.e. to see if the player took a village before/after an agreement or situation change as accused/claimed) and to watch the other tribes activity. However as I notice tw2-tools.com has started recording conquers too, I see no harm in releasing the url publicly for use by the few remaining active players in en7.


Note 1: the page linked above is not the only page available, explore!
Note 2: the conquers can take a while to load as I am also graphing all conquers and 50k+ villages
Note 3: no I cannot set this up for other words as my current process requires me to log into the world to pull the data, if someone wants to show me how to get this information automagically, I will gladly listen, and potentially set this up for other worlds. This limitation is why this post is in the EN7 forum and not the player projects (as well as the fact that en7 players are more likely to find it here)