Duel to Death

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i personally was looking for you on EN15 seph as i enjoy a good fight and my loyalty is to my bad so if we joined en21 you can be sure ill be head hunting for you. Good Luck :)

Haha, I personally love a good fight too. Just not when it's so pathetically one sided. Hopefully we can have some fun on EN21. :D


Hey everyone....I was not going to play this game anymore...but this dang thing sucks you back in...I just joined world 20...don't know if I want to be the leader again but might entertain it..if anyone wants to do it with me or form a tribe...message me....

they closed our previous world before i really organized anything since i went on vacation...so don't think i could pull off the challenge bunny...sorry....that would have been fun...loved to have a bunch of good players going at it...but oh well....here is another option...

My Bad


Well we'll have our own duel then, with blackjack! and hookers!


nah, it seems like it will be 23. The skype chat only has about 8 people regularly talking and a few have popped in to say 21 is too soon.

I might just join whatever world is the newest in mid november, if the premade is there i'll join them. If not i'll start fresh again :p