Disconnecting Every Time I send Farms

There has been an issue on every realm I am on where if I send farm runs too fast I get disconnected or lose connection to Tribal Wars 2. This is happening to every other player in these realms.

For past two weeks I have had the worst connection to your servers. I send 5 farm runs and I get the Disconnecting message pop-up and it stays there for in-between 30seconds-5minutes. I have to continually refresh and refresh my browser. It is Google Chrome. I have tried other browsers, devices, operating systems, networks and I face the same issue. Even on different computers I face this issue and even on other connections I face this issue.

If I am idle in the game and just making troops, not farming and setting build Q's or just messaging people. I get DC'd. Even if I create a "Mass Chain Mail" I get DC'd.

This is even happening to other players in our tribe that I have spoke with, about 20 or so of them. They all post the same error message (SEE ATTACHED) and the same DC message from Inno (SEE ATTACHED).

Does this server need a refresh or something? I hate wasting my precious time in real life sitting around waiting to send farm runs when I can be doing other things... It pisses me off beyond believe.

It takes me less than 5-10 minutes to send all my village farm runs, but since this god damned disconnecting and refreshing continually issue happens, it takes me 20-30 minutes. I am losing out on my own real life time and in game resources. Can't you guys just unplug and re-plug the server computer or something. This is a Inno-Games issue on their end. Please investigate this with the Game Engineers as it is affecting EVERYONE.

(I experience this on my android phone as well when I am outside my home or at work too!)

For love of god, can we get a Game Engineer/Developer to look into it? Perhaps its the newest addition of the anti-bot client messing with everyone's ability to play the game properly?

My support ticket I put in, I was told to clear my cache, that did not work and has nothing to do with connection to the servers.


Has also happened to me on app. It says the connection is poor, but works fine on computer. Takes forever to load messages and reports. Have had to close and reopen app numerous times.
I have the exact same issue. Sendning out 15-30 farmruns results in the game just stops to working (DC), no more farmruns can be sent nor can i open any mails etc. The only thing to solve the issue is by waiting for ages and refreshing the page, also this happens for me on multiple devices and browsers.
My only idea of what is wrong is some bug in the latest update since the problems started after the update...
Please fix
Now I cannot even tab-cycle through my villages with the marketplace open otherwise I get disconnected. Please investigate this issue.
I've noticed this the last few weeks. I've got 120 mb broadband connection with no/light traffic.
But every time I farm it happens. Farming is the most boring activities and to wait 10 seconds while it auto-connects is frustrating.
I'm assuming it's a safety feature against bots, can it be improved or tweaked please INNO??
Another farming run and again connection issues on every village I send out attacks. When you use a preset key for the farming raids you can cover a whole province quickly and in the middle bam, wait 10-15 seconds to reconnect.
I'm thinking this thread isn't looked at though by Inno Support is it?
This issue is still there. While playing with Android mobile the change to co-op causes connection to drop. Looks to take really long time to get logged in. Usually half an hour.
-co-op causes lockout
-checking overview causes lockout
-cycling villages too quickly causes lockout
-farming too quickly causes lockout
-scrolling too fast causes lockout
-sometimes a completely random village in the world , no matter the owner, is highlighted as your selected village. you need to restart the app to fix it.
-co-op causes lockout
-cycling villages too quickly causes lockout
-recruiting spies causes lockout
-farming too fast causes lockout
-queueing too fast causes lockout
-breathing at the screen too hard causes lockout
-having the gall to time an attack on someone causes lockout
-lockout causes lockout
their trying to make anything that can be scripted to bug out im guessing. hence the if too many actions within x seconds it will force you to refresh. because heaven forbid players try and even out the pure idiocracy , that is fighting people who spend real $$$ to just cheat anyway