Disconnected every 20 farm run I send...

What is that crap, I get disconnected and have to wait a min or two for every 20 farm run I send?
Sending 50 farm runs from 9 towns now take 1h...not 5 mins... what crap is this????
happens over here as well.
Almost all players that i know complain about this.
(This does not happen in the new world, so I guess this has to do with a weak server?)
I was wondering if it was the new anti cheat system they implented, that made the game unplayable... but - as this is a huge problem for me, I doubt ill go another server...my normal of spending hrs every day on the game - will expand to spending weeks every day on the same tasks.... - and I really do have a life to live too.....
If that is the error, then it's not about the polling rate, that is...this is not intentional. It's bad servers.
I'm starting to get the same lags in the new world as well now.

It can be that your ip are banned for 1-2 min when you repeatly send mass farms...
so, first they disconnect you - then they ban your ip for 2 mins....at least how it seems to be...
it is the new bot detection, if you send too fast it boots you. On browser refreshing usually fixes the problem for me
Same with switching villages too fast, switching and making spies too fast, switching and sending resources via market too fast.

At some point, we will just breathe and Inno will know instantly and boot you. Gotta hold your breath to farm now.