Defensive Builds

I have 1.2 million bashpoints. All I do is crack you lame turtles. Mike speaks the truth. Defense is definitely way too stacked. We need to provide an incentive for being more offensive in this game. Otherwise the player base in the world is just going to slowly die off and/or stagnate.


Even us 'noobs' agree! I finished my protection early today to attack a nearby abandoned village holding only 50 spears. I used over 500 troops (admittedly I included defensive which I now know was stupid but I was as green as freshly mown grass) and anyway, I lost over 80 troops attacking that basic 50 without even a wall to protect them. Not fun. I want to raid far and wide but when you include province bonus too, I am stuck in my own until I can noble out. It's just a game. Let us kill each other! We can always build again.


4 Spears, 1 Swordsman, 2 Archers and 2 HC give exactly equal defensive stats in all categories