December 8th

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I tried to upload an annotated picture that didn't work so i'll write instead.
There's 150 catapults on the left, whereas in the same slot on the right it's 150 rams.
The time remaining for the event is different between the 2
The reset til the next reshuffle is different between the 2
coordinates are different for the village
the information wheel on the right has a larger diameter than the one on the left.
The point and rank icons are inverted on the right
The candle on the right is lit while the left one isn't
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1. coordinates of the village are incorrect
2. icons to represent ranking and points are switched
3. Glow behind the left candle is nor present in left image
4. Red countdown timer for total time left incorrect.
5. image 1 displays catapults, image 2 gives rams for ~5 o'clock on the wheel.
6. Countdown timer for individual day is wrong.
7. Wheel terms information logo is larger in image 2.
Differences are listed for the left picture and then the right picture:
1. Wrong time in window under Christmas Event banner: 2:14:56:42 vs 2:14:48:10
2. Wrong time in clock field near bottom left. Same time differences as 1.
3. Wrong sector coordinates for Lysanns V...: 481|476 vs 000|000.
4. Bottom right prize in target is different: Trebuchets vs Rams.
5. Rank and points symbols are switched: Left one is correct (Rank and Points in that order); Right one is switched (Points and Rank in wrong order).
6. Under her left arm (buildings with peaked roofs): Two watch towers vs three watch towers. At least, I think they're watch towers. Failing that, it's two similar buildings vs three similar buildings.
7.Candle on left the date and time display has no halo while the candle on the left in the right picture has a halo.
1 glowing spot over candle under christmas
2&3 rank and points icons reversed
4 vill numbers dont match
5time under dates do not match
6 150 point prizes dont match
7 triangles under girls left arm do not match
8 times are different in bottom left corner
bottom right corner different
Red colored time under christmas event
Candle to the left of christmas
Points and Rank flopped
Refill time
The wheel next to Refill is different
Catapult replaced by ram

the houses under her arm I forgot to add that sorry pls no bully me :(
Event time remaining
Event reset time
Wheel catapult/ram
Tower under left arm missing
Village coordinates
Ranking and score reversed
Left candle lit/not lit
Wheel size to the right
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