Hi people,

I bought crowns because they offer bonus shots at the wheel but I have to:

1) Ask for the purchased crowns, and then after a few hours they credit me with them,
2) Ask for the bonus shots, which after nearly 12 hours, still haven't been given.

Are they running a scam? Promising bonus shots at the wheel just to get people to buy crowns? Any of you fell for this scam, or am I the only dumbass?
I thought it happened with me as well. But then they advised I purchase my crowns from different world (which I thought I didn't) maybe you done the same mistake...
FYI...When you purchase crowns with bonus shots all you must do is look at your inventory as this has been pointed out many times! Your bonus shots will be listed there if you do not know what icon it looks like please click each one and you will see it.
cool now I have my 2 shots in inventory. wft? I thought I was going crazy after I raised support ticket and you advise that I purchases crowns from different world (maybe it was from correct word and I received my bonus shots right now lol)