Counting each day it takes Inno to fix their servers

Probably. Punish many for the actions of few or whatever.

Innogames. Add mouse clicks and button taps to an array, compare it to requests from the server, you solved all your injected script problems.
Externally, there are ways to catching mouse click simulators or reauests sent through cmd. Learn thm.
All Inno had to do was check whether each mouse click was trusted or not. Instead they go for weirdest solution. it was probably the most cheap to implement...since they did not have to change the source code.
The game already sends a request to get a morale factor once you press on a village...why not track whether that click happens, aand whether that event is trusted...just carry Event.isTrusted from mouse click to the actual all requests no matter scripted or not register as trusted because the source code...midly speaking never took scripting into account.
Also...Inno,...there is no need to get morale/faith factor before sending out an attack when the game has already requested it when i clicked on a village...there is even no need to get that factor at all unless i open the "send army" menu. all you are doing is making us...the client side send 3 requests instead of the 1 that is necessary. you are overloading your own servers and making it hard for players to farm.

I am sure none of the devs actually play the game. Otherwise, the lag issue would never be present.
yes. If i farm quickly, server get bug, and expell me, and if this happens, maybe takes me like 10-15 minutes to get back....

(farming with phone....) and if anyone want to farm by phone, must send attacks slower... this takes me like 25%-30% more of time, justwaiting, or sending slow the atacks...

Also, when u facking, 1 sec treb train, for some villas in the same moment, get bug, and expell you.

@maximoose explain it, really good. Why inno still using this anticheat system, if they had a code that detect it when an external thing is used?