Constant Game Lag

So I have to finally air frustrations at the Horrendous amount of lag in this game RN. And the fact it's the worst it's ever been.

With Inno and their mods seemingly just not addressing it or pledging to Try and address it.
I think it's time to end this exercise in frustration.
I mean I'm personally semi retiring now anyway. Good luck too y'all playing in the Era of the Lag fest lol.

But here follows some reasons which causes Game Lag or just outright crashes inno:

1) being attacked
2) attacking too 'much'
3) sending res
4) recruiting too fast
5) recruiting spies to quickly
6) cycling villages too fast
7) scrolling easy from your area on the map
8) potentially everything else depending on game connectivity

I've lost vills and missed capping vills because of ur game Lag. I'm that used to it now I don't even bother complaining.

And .... I don't want forum mods to reply here, nothing to with them. It's in game developer Mods?....
Will it be this bad for Good now....

Any outlook on if it'll be improved because it's so annoying to play manually.
I've all but given up.
Though I'm due a long break regardless so 2 birds 1 stone and all that

Bro, I got an important message from the mods, it should really help you out!

lag fix
Forgive me if I sound apethic
But I'll believe it when I see it.
My faith In Inno is lacking, we have had Poor Game playability
For longer than I can remember

When I say, faith in Inno is lacking,
I mean more along the lines of: totally non existant tbf