Configurations Feedback Wawel (EN75)


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Dear players,

As announced, the game configurations of the realm Wawel are the following ones.

Realm configurations

• World speed: 1
• Unity speed: 1
• Merchants speed: 1
• Beginners protection: 5 days
• Night bonus: N/ A
• Tribe limit: 20-200
• Players limit: 50000
• Moral: Active
• Relocation: Active
• Endgame condition: 70% Domination

We are waiting for your feedback on them, as well as we would like to invite you to suggest the configurations for the upcoming realm (EN75).

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team.
Having a look at the last world EN74--theres about 400+ players on it (active)--so its going to be 2 tribes 200 members each--lets go (maybe 3 tribes if so old members come back )
hold on let me just find my meme for brick walls.
yeah 200 member limit, total joke, thats a free ticket for the russians to absolutely coop abuse the crap out of this world
When u see more than 200 villages being in that server, we say that 200 players have 2 villages each at the first 5 days so 400 villages, but whole world has 2k+ then more than 1k active people will start the game, limit is 50k, maybe not reach 50k players this world but again, the active players in the first weeks will be alot, but when people start conquering other peoples' villages it's not impossible to see most quit the world instead of starting a new village... so even with 200 member tribes if u are good enough to keep ur village alive u are ok... :) Don't think TW2 has not alot of players when all servers have alot of active :) A new TW2 player here <3
yeah 200 member limit, total joke, thats a free ticket for the russians to absolutely coop abuse the crap out of this world
just do what we did a few months ago with ncookie. abuse the system they give us. make one tribe of 200 and just steamroll the world and prove that its rediculous and end the world within a month again.
its nothing - US servers are way smaller they have 100 tribe limit with only 200 ppl there- so 1 tribe took in 100 ppl and server was pretty much over from start
so if final tribe limit is 200, why does first point in member cap only give FIVE spaces? Who thought that was sensible??
i only now saw the endgame condition, 70% with a member limit of 200 is very very stupid. the higher the tribe member limit the higher the endgame condition. please change
How about Inno start setting tribe limits that force things to be a little more fair. 40 player tribes. Here is a crazy idea, how about limiting the amount of $$$ one player can spend per server is $100. I know crazy because then the bigwigs at Innot will not be able to purchase the 2022 Ferrari to sit next to the 2021 Lambo but it would be something to put some of these guys with bottomless pockets in check.
When you have players such as RIP in a world it literally just makes everyone else want to leave. Go ahead and spend $2000 for your puny 200 crowns.