Coins and Nobles

It takes so much to get the Headquarters up to level 20, then the Academy. The resources it takes to make these and then to make coins and a noble is almost impossible. Especially if your tribe is at war with another tribe. Suggest the amount of resources be lowered for both coins and Nobles. Make it more manageable.
Just to provide some background for those interested: Darcon and Roi were in tribe A with another 4 tribe members close to them. They probably thought they wouldn't have space to grow so they jumped ship to tribe B. Their old tribemates attacked them but failed, after which Roi attacked them back and seems to have failed since he returned to tribe A afterwards, which left Darcon in an awkward position, 1 v 5. In the end he lost his main to Roi who outfarmed him by a huge margin and managed to recruit nobles before Darcon even had an Academy.

I think you should work more on your strategy, instead of complaining.