Closing of the World


well Im still playing but some of the ENT players around me aint up to much. FFS who attacks with defensive troops these days - thats just plain crazy. 5 attacks in less than 3 seconds and I still stopped 3 nobles landing - simple move out the troops and recall just in time ! But rather than following up with his own attacks this guy gets the other ENT players to attack. Where's the fun in being hammered into the ground by players who coin to win.
this entire world looks like a regular new generation tw2 world.Make a big ass tribe.proceed to hug the other top 3.bully the rest.Merge and complain untill the remaining tribe leaves from sheer and utter boredness.
Whoever it was above wasnt lying when they said most of en servers better players dont even play vp worlds with half their potential. as said above its much easier just being lazy.Wait untill a domination world arrives then come back.preferably without the whole fake accounts part and the dumping of cash into a game.If you want a good world then fight everyone on an even field.Perhaps then without your money and your free villages you would find a fight and match within our servers.
my friend. who is to blame that your players are lazy? and we Wake up at night to attack and act together. almost round-the-clock online with our players. Or do you think that victory is just given? laziness.
About "your money" - many of your tribes also had "your money". Besides: do you think that the creators of the game did not make the game for profit?
Next time, bring more skill and less wallet. Sure, wallet gives ya the "win"... Kinda. But it isna something ta brag about. Yay, ya lost ya nuke and coined up another. Yawn.
Truth be told, the only skill shown by folks in the current top tribe... Were those merged in from majestic. Original ent members were found lacking. Majorly lacking. And even then, without the sneaky (things ya canna mention on forums without gettin inta trouble lolz) and the coinin so hard ya should be broke by now.... Ya couldn't have come half so far. Your game is weak without the loopholes. Feel free ta stick around and prove me wrong... Ya won't, but go ahead and try.
Either way, ya got ya "win" so go celebrate.
"Win the world" is a statement. A goal. A plan is how you do it. Your answer only dodged my insinuation, it wasn't really an answer.
Everyone knows exactly what you did. Which is why we were wanting to know if we should follow your strategy on russian servers or if you want us to stay inside the rules.
The response is obvious. Everyone saw what ya did, but we canna be sayin such things on the forum... It's not allowed and ya know it. We aren't big on breaking or bendin rules, luv.
Ok, I will break it down one more time. Very slowly.

"Win the world" - This is a statement. Not your plan. Your goal was to come to the international server and win. Are you with me so far?

Your plan - This is a series of implemented strategies that are put in place and coordinated to achieve the above goal. Still caught up?

One more time. The goal is NOT a plan. A plan is what achieves the goal. You are either caught up on the semantics here or have no learning in business studies.

SO since I don't give a goddamn, let's continue the break down.

You knew you couldn't outright win the world without first breaking it to your advantage, and so step one of your plan was to flood the start up with accounts. More than could be held in one tribe, MORE even than is feasible to argue that they were all and each active players playing with the intention of playing through and winning the world. Unfortunately, statistics and tools don't make it possible to track ALL of the accounts that were wasted trying to create your tribe's core, but don't worry we saw enough to know they existed.

As much money as you spent on the game, you couldn't afford to max out a whole tribe with how many accounts you successfully managed to mark out in your landing circle. You ended up with not 1, not 2 but 3 tribes that were obvious. You were indeed able to merge in a few from tribe number two at the end after eating some of your push accounts, but hey semantics right? Still had 3 tribes at the end, still players on the outside of that victory because the rules are 1 tribe can, ergo, those on the outside are losers. Heh. Some of you did lose. How about that.

We are under no illusion here, TW2 went with a much more intensive and unbalance microtransaction feature than the original game, players do take advantage of it to an extent to gain that edge. In a more balanced game, hard work, activity and coordination could make the fight more even. But when your ONLY invasion strategy is to spend money on building a barbarian village, nobling the village, spending more money to make it battle ready and build fast troops and nobles in it to pop up next to a player in less than an hour how the hell are you so deluded that this level of expenditure in a game makes you a BETTER player. BETTER players can win battles against and instead of spending so much money again and again.
When your "better" players are only gaining the upper hand by pumping several hundred dollars to build THREE full nukes in ONE hour in ONE village what makes them BETTER strategically? Beyond the ability to spend a lot of money? Guess what, I got news for ya. It doesn't. Know why? Because that money was WASTED. The event I am referring to FAILED and those nukes DIED.

So yes, EN40 has achieved the necessary requirements to come to a close, but NO. No one thinks you are winners, some of you are certainly losers though isn't @BeatricePretty technically one last I checked? If you have played long enough you will remember the Russian world that barbed because of players who abused the game and killed it. I remember it, and I wonder if any of you were there.

Keep talking, but nothing you have argued changes the INTERNATIONAL player base's opinions of you. None of you have said anything that is contrary to what we have seen and look at that, I didn't even mention the scripts your tribe used (whoops)

There once was a tribe called ENT
To the international server they went.
Lots of money did they pay,
still had to cheat, I daresay.
To make up for lack of skill or talent.
the ents could have a good fight on w41, but in the end they did not dare, for unclear reasons to fight MFD there

in this world, they could only noble inactive players and fake accounts i noticed , sorry