Bot villages

Since the player base has been dropping and dropping and worlds hardly get beyond one grid, would it not help to get active (BOT) barbarian villages. I would certainly spice things up a bit.

This could be done in all kinds of ways:

Barbarians that build troops for example. These would be set apart from regular barbarians by a different color or something. Troop building would also take longer for these barbarians of course.

Barbarians that attacks players, this don't need to be full blown nukes, but just a small raiding party.

Maybe every few provinces make a BOT province or every few weeks add a rim of barbarians, so there is a sort of protection barrier between new players and players that have been playing for a few weeks.

These things would at least make the world look bigger and maybe give players that restart a little more chances?
i think this would result in a lot more barbmunching, which detracts from the player interaction which is the core of this game. Thats already happening too much already.
If you add more villages to achieve this it will just result in the game dragging as their are more villages/provinces to trawl through to get to the victory.
World dragging on? On TW1 world used to last years. My best account solo was +7.5mil. There are not even enough villages on current world to get to that number. :p

My team just started on the latest world 3 weeks ago and we already own half the word... Boring.
yup, thats about how it goes, each new server gets faster and more boring. It drags on because you are just trawling though inactive or incompetent players that are no threat, but you have to take them to get to the win.
they need more because after a certain point there isnt any point in restarting when you get rimmed. if they only had one of each world theyd lose players faster than they already are as they dont have a reason to keep coming back after being rimmed, but before the new world starts.

Anyways, we are getting off topic.