Biggest Battles (Jaunpils)


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Dear players,

This thread was created for you to publish either screenshots of attack reports that have been devastating or epic defenses reports on the realm Jaunpils. If you had big losses or defended yourself as an experienced player, you came to the right place!

Feel free to share images (screenshots) of the biggest battles that you had the chance to participate on. :cool:

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• The goal of this thread is to create a friendly and interactive environment among the community users;
• Publishing any content regarding the thead's matter is allowed (battles - defense and attack reports);
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Your Tribal Wars 2 Team.
Q. How many RES does it take to kill a wolf?
A. We don't know yet, but more than 5 if they want to do it on the first attempt



Everyone using the bot by relaxeaza so no real skill there

Why they think they need 5 guys to take down 1 player who only has 5 villas, 3 of them <500 points, that's one nuke for each of my villas, as well as 2 trains. Anyway I'm a bag of tricks and take it as a compliment.



Big nuke, trash nuke, nice snipe, I deleted a couple of reports by axeident, including newhops¿ nuke


Better late than never I guess.......................................... Should get the level 5 statue tech though.


It's a big move, hitting a prenobled village while your pally is holding the scepter
Sadly I don't have the reports where his oversized trains smashed his own nuke, but I'm sure it was all lulz

It was fun! and of course the retake.

Backtiming Citrus nuke was a suicide mission, but worth slowing him down a bit

Not much left of his 4k MA nuke
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Do you want a pat on the back? I’d be embarrassed if I were you. You forgot to edit the reports properly you little juicebox you. Try harder. You’re like that Alex guy from a few worlds back.
I heard the guy's been asking around for help. Never heard of that bot but that would explain some of the perfectly timed snipes :)
Whatever I guess, it's not like I sent 5 pally nukes and 2 trains at a random, managed to lose 2 nukes while failing to even take a village. I will wait patiently while you champions do something truly worthy of greatness.
This thread is for screenshots so my last comment on this since there's heavy editing involved and context missing on the story. Ever since you made the move towards the South we identified you as someone to deal with. In that situation it's not relevant how much it costs in terms of troops or whatever else. When you are determined to take down the threat. It will eventually happen, always, one way or the other. In the end you were trying to expand to the wrong direction which got a target on your back. In all honesty, with bot or not, decent game play there - just the right moves that you should make when you have an idea how to play.
Great, we have the mod that can't see a bot when he is using one, the cool guys who make sure everyone knows how unimpressed they are, the noobs who can't even read the name of the thread and of course jhin being toxic as per usual! We need a few more things, complaining about merge to win/ recruit to win, multi/coop abuse accusations, jhin sycophants busy busy blowing smoke, and maybe something I have missed, then we will have the full set of TW2 discussion points.