Big Fish - Outlander NAP due to end 23rd Jan

Hello all,
The purpose of this thread is to make public notice of the end of Big Fish's ("BIG") NAP with Outlander on the 23rd of January, with our reasons. If we dont get a response from outlander ("eh?") here, we will send them an message in-game before the end date to ensure all parties are aware. Though I do believe some of them have friends in BIG who will pass the information on regardless.
The NAP was created when Electra joined outlander from BIG, as a gesture of trust and respect, as the game untill that point had been a two horse race between BIG and Titan Strikeforce ("TSF"), it was believed that the NAP would allow for less distraction from the main war going on.
However, eh? have abused the terms of the agreement, while following the letter of the agreement. The main condition of the NAP was that one tribe would not enter a province with the other tribe in it except to battle TSF. Members of eh? have subsequently started taking 1 village in a series of provinces in order to discourage our entering them, some with TSF in them, some with players who suddenly turn barb. As they have not broken the rules, we will not be declaring war, however the NAP has begun to limit us in our options, and we believe it is no longer in our best interest to continue the NAP.
Good Luck Outlander. I am sure we shall meet again soon.
GRhin - BIG CouncilMember
Note to all, I had confirmation in-game from danmanu that outlander are fully aware of the end of the NAP, and were within hours of this announcement. BIG has played the game honorably to the end. we gave far more warning than is standard on any world.
Good luck Outlander.
NAP ends in 4 days. I will send a circular to both tribes the moment that BIG removes the NAP status.
Always nice to see that a NAP is upheld and then ended respectfully, it's been a pleasure to hear the evolution of Big Fish.