Barb free world

I saw a suggestion from another player here (and I can't find it again, sorry) for barb free world.

The more I think about it, the more I think it would be good idea.

It would stop people gaining an advantage from farming bots, you couldn't noble barbs to win, or use them to invade.

I would go further to suggest a crown free / barb free world occasionally to build up the player base again.

No gwen, no crowning, tribe skills being earned by united tribes that contribute,

Each player could receive fixed res allowance per day, with the rest of resources being maintained by their villages, trading and farming other players villages.

Many players are leaving, or considering leaving, because of the amount of scripting, and the of money being spent and feeling they don't have the real life budget to play.

I know this would run at a loss for inno, but I think it would help build up the player base again. It could be every 4th or 5th world, it needn't be every world.

If it's not too much all in one go, the player limit per tribe could be limited to 100 and coops automatically get deleted or removed from tribe after 1 month of inactivity.

Then players that complain about having no competition could measure their skills and not their wallets or their scripts.
i like the idea of crown free, but barb free would put players way too close to each other, so the game would end rather quickly and rather energetically. the strategy and tactics would completely change as now the key factor is efficiency of resource use, rather than strength. That is untill you can start farming other players.
Basically farming is a key component of the game in my opinion. And barbs also create a buffer between players. we have 10,000 players per world on average, and i think around 4 barbs per player to start with. which puts players in around 1,200 provinces, removing barbs makes 400 provinces total. Personally I think that is going to be way too cramped.
Each of these ideas are great ones and I will forward these request to our developers. Your ideas are not going unheard as many have asked for higher VP worlds as well as more domination worlds. More to come soon....