Bad Day


Instead of a witch hunt, inno could develop their own farm script and sell it legally in the game store for crowns. it would attract new players and not alienate old ones.
People would still want to use a free one. I just don't get why people who know the rules decide to play knowing that the game isn't for them as the rules stand. Why play it and break the rules? Just find another game instead. No one is making you play. Your win is worth nothing if you can only achieve it by cheating. Just my 2 cents
The hopes for this world were high, I myself backed timed two great players already and had good time performing and not just against some random noobs but people like the real war and Tauri. The team we gathered here were far greater in the ways of communication and battle tactics than any other on this realm. And what was done to it by admins and low key players is disgusting. And I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.
yea, you got me good man haha. I was sleepy as heck. I wish I hit the sack an hour later. I would have seen it coming, and maybe zombie for 3 more hours that night.
If you know people are doing these things and not reporting it, that really does not help either. Us as forum mod's have been pushing for changes to make it better for all. To be honest cheating makes its very unfair to the ones that arent. Inno is banning people that are doing something against the game rules. If it has been an accidental ban those of who that are should put in a support ticket to get it resolved. I do believe that the more people speak up the better- to see change. Im pretty sure some change is in the winds so to speak. I my self have been enjoying both realms I play. So I cant say that im disappointed. If anything im trying to help as best I can.

I will just say that INNO has banned me for using ***.
And I only played it at night! What a disappointment!
Banning people and giving nobles in Gwen. Well played INNO.
Well thankfully you just saved me hundreds of dollars in this one and all the next ones. :)