Avatar Bender (IF YOU DARE!)

Avatar Bender

Share an avatar that is refering to the last post sender's "missing avatar".
As the first message is mine, find me my missing avatar.

At the end, which missing avatar gets the most "like", will change his/her avatar!
Join the game if you dare!

Be amusing but not insulting.


i'm confused. could you say again, but in more simple terms for us human beings pls....

This is yours, magic mushroom
If this post gets the most like, then you will use this picture as your avatar, for a while..
I meant avatar as the profile image, think it is right?
Do I write incorrect? o_O
I'm not native-speaker, as it is obvious.
But I want to know if I'm slaughtering the language? :D


No Just english is not my native language so my understanding sucks most of the time ^^

and you use words i can't understand :p
Since bravery and humor did not generated in the community. This forum game is apathetic.
Anyways, thanks for your intesert magic mushroom, find yourself an avatar. :D
It seems, I actually invented this game only for you. ;)