Auto-focus when scrolling through villages

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I don't want to speak for everybody, but I greatly doubt anyone wants this. If I'm quickly scrolling through villages to stack support, I don't want the game to focus away from my target every single time I switch to the next village. Like sure it doesn't auto-scroll when using the Shift+Arrow keys, but sometimes I'd rather just click through them.
Another inconvenient feature no one asked for.
Maybe at least have it in the options to turn it off.
This mechanic has completely ruined my game. It makes it take 3x aslong to send support, farm....everything really. It makes me wander if the devs who make these changes actually play the game..... for the love of god please change it back.....its truly a terrible idea.
Dang u beat me to it. I was gonna rant. INNO does what INNO does best, implement updates nobody asked for! CAN I GET AN AMEN FROM THE AUDIENCE

When was the last time u saw a mod respond to players input? Not even our mods care anymore.
The feature was already perfectly implemented by being able to center to any selected village quickly by simply pressing space bar.

Automatically centering on any selected village gives the user less control and I honestly don't see how this could've passed through any QA testing at all.

My guess is code was copied from the mobile version and this wasn't an intended change.

Either way... please revert the changes.
The new recenter changes were unnecessary please change it back and also could you remove it from the mobile app while your at it

In the meantime have you tried shift+left/right, doesn't recenter if you scroll villages like this ;)
Saves the day, hope they won't change it back. Still should be option in menu to disable it completely