ASH & TEN Merge ?

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No if we was a tribe with active members we would have continued. And if i remember correctly you have switched tribe atleast as many time as i have done. But the big difference between ASH/TEN and the other tribes is that we have actually done some fighting at this realm. When you look at all the other tribes its just turtling. Look at OB and you have the fact. After the merge and start of war against TFT i have maybe got 5 nukes from TFT against me. And im in frontline and have entered many provinces with TFT members activ and inactive but what have TFT done. Exactly the same as they have done since the realm opend. nobled a barb in safe area with the noble they got from the lost villa no counterattack or nothing. We asked the members in ASH and TEN if they wanted to merge. A big majority was in for it. And for the other tribes i can just say that you can do with the merge as you have done with the entire game at this world. Just sit and watch.


Circles.. Consistent little circles.
Go on.. What's left to merge now? HNS and TFT?


I wounder if TFT have any to attack? I belive i only have seen 2-3 TFT members thats actually have tried to attack some TEN members. You can say that ASH was into this odds in fighting for months but we stayed into it. What have your tribe done?
And by the way i cant see any more merges. We just dont have room for it

If anyone is curious about this fighting go and check stats. I think you will find 2-3 TFT members at top 50 in OB


I think that I've explained this before, but clearly I need to say it again.
Our former leaders (of ASH) Stevo and Holdtight went a bit mad with power and just started to declare war on everyone, now this was fine as we could take most of the world on at once (it made it more interesting for everyone involved) but then Stevo and Hold (alone with a few other big members) just quit. This would have been a problem, however TEN were also loosing active members (neither side knew that the other had any real problems at this point) so we were stuck in a situation where neither side could really gain any really ground and end the war outside of at least 6 months (but most of us would have quit by then, I mean god it was boring). So the leadership of both tribes (I believe that TEN brought it up) decided to merge, after consulting our tribes first of course (we're a democracy after all :p ), we also did this because as Carrot already said we were sick of PHX just sitting there, breaking their promises and just turtling (while recruiting any refugees that they could) and if I'm honest, that was getting rather annoying for us.
So that explains it really, feel free to tell me how that's all rubbish and we cheated or something, but to be honest, it was the only real way to close this world any time in the next year (we fight for the win after all, which is more than I can say for some people).


@shrimppuff90 - Yes, you have said this before and it was heard then. I will take most of what you say without question.
@carrot70 - I can see it from your side. It sure looks like the rest of us are sitting at the rim and watching the action.

Allow me to bring another perspective to how this world has progressed. The perspective of a few players who stood together from the start of the world and engaged in battles (not watched from the sidelines, not turtled) and took and lost villages from one group of players from the opposite camp (that largely remained unchanged).
Most of us started off with HNS, and actively fought what was then called A51, later ASH. HNS, TEN and CRS got together and bullied some isolated ASH players. After HNS leadership (Halt Bran basically) left the game the rest of the tribe were forced into a merge with CRS (the players had no choice). Subsequently, CRS leadership (ORIION basically) went ambitious like your leaders and decided to drop the NAP with TEN amidst widespread discontent. We don't know how that would have gone if ORIION carried through with his plans since he disappeared almost immediately. You will notice some parallels with what happened in ASH with Stevo and Holdtight. You will appreciate that with a group of dissenting players who had just moved in from other tribes, PHX had no chance of taking things forward when 'the man with a plan' did a disappearing act.
Simultaneously the ASH-TEN merge also happened.
It is at this time that the leader of TFT, Gordonia came forward and said he was happy to take in our gang of ASH-fighters with the purpose of finally bringing some action to his tribe. It matched our 'vision' statement. It started to work, it our early days in TFT we saw some successes working together (a 'Southern Resistance' if you will...) until .. Gordonia, Hardkekz and Aquadrat disappeared as well. I will concede that it has been downhill after that.

You might be wondering how the fortunes of one small group of people is relevant to anything in the larger perspective of the world's politics.
The relevance lies in the rarity of finding a group of active players in this game whose loyalties have not changed since the realm started. (Tribe banners may have changed, but we have had the same group of players on our side fighting another consistent group of players on the other side)

@shrimppuff90 I said I'll agree with most of what you said. Here's what I don't agree with :
"PHX just sitting there, turling, recruiting refugees etc. " PHX scarcely existed. For the 1 month or so it was together, nobody agreed with anything. So you got annoyed for nothing really :) . But to be fair to Carrot and co, there was no way they could have know it.
Also - We never said you cheated. Our little group would have been happier to go down fighting a war rather than losing it diplomatically like this. That's all.
@carrot70 We were not watching the action and turtling. While I don't want to name my friends here without their permission you are free to check my conquer history. I have enjoyed my battles against JupiterX, Ext3rminator (the double agent) , Wonderboyninja (the other double agent), TrueAchilles, Golf150, Brady-, random murders and some other ASH players.


Of course it proves a point. Most active players have moved to one tribe.

i can tell you that we used a couple of days to get in position to attack. 3 days after we started to attack this players they quit.
Out of unrelated curiosity, how old are you Carrot ?