ASH & TEN Merge ?

That sort of sums up my point. It's too early for two of the biggest tribes to merge and bring a non military end to this world.


Even though I agree that what Carrot is saying pretty much describes the bigger picture, I still do not agree with what they are doing, given the whole background of things.
Saying that PXS was The Bad One, is very much generalizing and objectifying. You know, you cant judge the whole tribe because of the mistakes 2-3 people made.
So yeah, saying "we are now doing this, because PXS did that" is so an easy way out. Where is the damn fun in that.
The inactivity is a fact at this realm, its just that it isnt obvious because of all the cooped account. The only reason for why ASH is floating is that several members is playing 5-10 accounts. It is exactly the similar situation in TEN And i know that TFT have plenty of inactiv cooped accounts And i guess its also like this in PXS. People get tired of running several accounts with action all the time It becomes to intense. The other aspect is when you start to look into how you should manage to get 80% of the cities to close this world. Without a merge or a big recruitment of players you need to noble cities a couple of years to get this amount of villas. There is just not enough active players in any tribe to do it as it looks today. If we should continued without a merge even more players would gone inactiv during this time and made the problem even bigger. My opinion on the coop system is that it is a big mess like its working today. Of course you can choose to just ignore some of the accounts that you are cooping but when the enemy tribes is playing the cooped account you feel pressured to play it by your self. And its not only small accounts we are talking about.
But i totally understand Why PXS players dont see this problem. They havent been into a war at all so they have been playing this game just turtling around nice and calm.
Didn't know all these shenanigans were going on. I came over as a council member from HNS,but was kept out of what the council was doing. Yesterday I got rights so am sorting out a few things.
If I get this straight Carrot, you are combating inactivity by merging with TEN and ending the world.
1) Lots of inactives, it gets tiring to coop everyone and keep battling.
On this bit, ask your friend TrueAchilles how it has been working out for him. If it hadn't been for all the accounts he is cooping, he would have found it difficult to expand in the southern direction even against inactive players. So it's a blessing to some of your own
2) Nobling your way to victory is time consuming
What is the hurry ? That is how the game is meant to be played ! Players who are left now are mostly the experienced ones who are in this for the long haul. A tasty war where one side gradually pushes and out maneuvers the other out of the game is something to be looked forward to. Players who have been part of such end game phases can testify.

If inactives/cooped accounts getting attacked is a worry, why don't you negotiate a temporary ceasefire in such zones and give each tribe some time to sort out their coops & inactives and then resume battle between active players ?
1. yes that is correct. When you ask me to talk with Trueachilles about how he would have managed this without the cooping i can also talk to 30-40 other players in different tribes that i know is in exactly the same situation as he is.
2. Nobling of inactives is just time consuming. We want to spend our time at other cases. Yes the game is ment to be played. Let me ask you if PSX ever played the game? How many villas have they nobled from a active player in a top10 tribe. How many villas have you nobled from a active player in a top 10 tribe? Iwouldnt say that PSX have played this game. And i have been playing the end game at 3-4 other realms on another server and i know how boring it is to achive 80% of the villas. When the number of active players is dropping.
When you talk about what shrimpuff says in the thread. All of this is correct, but i have to ask you what was all the other tribes doing because of stevo and holdtight? Yes they started to work together to punish us. Did you stop attacking when holdtight and stevo went inactive? NO. But i never complained about it. Its normal after what they did and the rest of us just had to deal with it. And it becomes exactly the same situation now. You just have to handle what we are doing now. All the other tribes have been doing this against ASH for months and you starts to complaining about it when its turned around against you. The only different is that we are merging now. But i belive that PXS actually is the result from 10-15 merges and mass recruitment. So lets say that we didnt merge just started to take PXS down together. How many active players is still at the realm when they are gone? I will estimate that to 150-200 players Its very Intresting to play a game where you have to noble 10000 villas to win with only 50-75 active members in the tribe. And not to mention 70 hours distance for your nukes to hit a enemy thats most likly is inactiv. This realm is dead because of inactivity. The best way is just to finish it as fast as possible and start playing at a new realm.
I cannot answer your question on behalf of PHX as I was never a leader there nor am I with them now. However, I will answer the question you have asked about my history - I have taken 13 off active players from top 10 tribes. Incidentally, all from ASH. (4 off JupiterX, 7 off Ext3rminator, 1 off Golf150 and one of True), out of these 4 have been pulled back by wonderboyninja and True's coop accounts.
But all of this is irrelevant.
What I read from your post is that you are bored and you want to end it and move on now. That is not the case for a vast majority of us. If you are bored, why don't you quit?


As if inactivity in other worlds will not be an issue :D
Ive played TW for ages, probably even started a good year before I learned to walk and hold a spoon steadily enough to get my breakfast oatmeal in the mouth instead of nostrils and all over the face in general.. the point is, inactivity is what it is in every world lol, always was and always will be.
The case is that its not only me that its bored. All members in the council is in for this many of the members is in for this. And its the similar situation in TEN. There is of course some members that not agree on it. But the majority in ASH and TEN is positive about it. And when it comes to a merge its the opinion in the tribes that is involved that matters. If the majority in our tribes was against the merge we would never have gone trough with it


Majority are all in for the merge, because its the easy and quick way out :D Naturally, facing TEN is a scary prospect because of the sheer size of them, nothing to be ashamed of.

Lets just all merge into a one happy, plump tribe, consisting of 200 top active players, lets celebrate our super sweet victory and end this world!! :) And then, all 200 of us, lets move to the next world and do it all over again :)
You can just calm down. Ash was fighting with this odds for months and we managed to handle it. And we have been facing TEN for months. As i know we are pretty much the only tribe at the realm that have done it. TFT have done it in a short period. And when it comes to the rest of the tribes on the realm you have never faced anything unless you have been in a coalition that is 4-5 times bigger then the enemy.
As one of the bigger frontlines (Together with Weissdorn) of what was ASH I can say this for sure:
Fire. you think fighting stays fun Well yes it does when you have incomming attacks from 5 people every day 24/7 its hell a fun.
Makes you go to nr3 in def bash points(now nr4 )
and Weissdorn nr1 in def bash.
We where gaining bash points each day bot neither team was making much ground.
And this was mainly a war about 2 provinces and we got up so high in def bashpoints.
This because we had a few good active players of TEN bashing in on us.

What I read from your post is that you are bored and you want to end it and move on now. That is not the case for a vast majority of us. If you are bored, why don't you quit?
Don't you worry bro your going to get the fight you wanted. Its just going to be against ASH and TEN combined just like ASH is used to fighting most people now You get to know how it feels like lets see if you can manage and let your actions speak louder then words
Not trying to be harsh, but if you are claiming that you got bored and there is so much inactivity, I am guessing this would be your final world? I mean you can't possibly think that any other world you play is going to be tremendously different. While some worlds have more inactivity than others, it is something every world deals with. I just don't understand the justification unless you are planning on riding off into the sunset after the victory
Sneksinnej, I can respect that. But here is a question : What is bothering you? Is it the constant action? Or is it the inactivity?
I can understand the reason for wanting to team up with TEN and wreak revenge on the rest of us. But merging and ending the world?
Carrot, I get your point on the decision being that of your respective councils. None of us can have anything to do with it. Both tribes have earned their position and are free to end the world.
Shekel Finder here is offering a neutral opinion if you are finding me biased because of the few weeks I have spent in PHX.
Here is my worry : If this merge doesn't end the world, will you battle PHX for three months and merge them in too?
The problem is constant action and inactivity in a combination. When you are cooping 5-10 accounts and you have several of this under attack or members close to this under attack 24/7 for 6-8 weeks you get tired of the situation. The way the coop playing is working is a disaster. Yes you can say that its just not to play the cooped account but when your enemy is playing them you are forced to do it by yourself or your tribe will end because of it. We are not merging with PXS thats not an option. And when it comes to 80-90% of pxs members i dont have anything against them they just happend to be in a tribe that based their tactics on everything else then fighting. I just dont understand Why they stayed in a tribe like that.


Ok in short, there is possibly enough active players in this world right now that if we all merged into one tribe we could possibly trigger the endgame, but with TEN and ASH still fighting it would have been impossible, and as we were fighting more people would quit, so the world may never be won at all.
The shrimp, as always has summarized the matter beautifully but abruptly.

Carrot - My purpose of pointing out TrueAchilles' exploits with his co-op accounts was to bring to your attention that there are people like him who are still making the best out of the situation. Imagine him having launched 40 nukes and a barrage of threatening mails at me and my ex-HNS friends, he waits for them to hit and suddenly.. BOOM. The world ends.

All I am saying is, there is more to this world. If I were you or a TEN leader, I wouldn't combat inactivity by merging and ending the world. That is not combating, that is succumbing to inactivity.

But then, I am not and you are. So do what you will, let's see if that solves your problem.

Snek... This isn't about you or me. The reason for wanting to merge and end the world was unclear. Carrot was speaking about the problem of inactivity and having to manage coop accounts while you were talking about how your Defensive BP grew.