Alliances on TW2?


Ok the diplomacy on tw2 is odd.

On this version it means what NAP meant on tribal wars 1 in my experience.

We had allies that:
- Tried recruiting our players
- Were allied to our enemies
- Planned merging with our enemies
- The list goes on.

Maybe its the fact we don't have shared forums any more we don't have much interaction?


You can set up a sort of shared forum, or atleast with the leadership if you want.By using the mail.I found that using the mail for General chat and forum is much better than using the tirbal forum itself.
Also about allies being allied to your enemy has been present since always,its not a new thing.


I guess the saying is wrong haha. Keep your enemies close but your 'allies' even closer. WoW that was funny!


I think there are many more new players to the Tribal Wars experience than veterans from the old game, this means that players aren't necessarily familiar with the concepts that are hammered into our expectations, diluted diplomacy, tribe jumping, mass recruiting. It is all being learned again as new players attempt to figure out how to successfully lead their tribes.

All we can do is keep pushing forward seeking those worthy allies, and "enlightening" those who step wrong within the agreements they hold.