Add Night Time

So, I hate being on TW2 at 3am(server time) and it is bright in the game, but outside it is dark or vice versa.

Surely there is a way to make it so the international servers can change the template from night to day based on Server Time.

This would be a good feature, I know on 'Night Bonus' Worlds they have something of the sorts or perhaps TW1. I cannot remember for sure.

Only down side I see is the stress it could create on the server such as the Gwen Events cause when switching wheel events at their respective server times.
Even better - just make the switch happen at 7-9 PM based on the local machine's time.

Super easy to do, and puts no extra load on the server to make the decision.
So, by definition, EN cannot have a night bonus because it's an International server. There is no way to achieve that without putting some players at a disadvantage. This is just as much Canada's server as it is Japan's and we can't penalize Canada or Japan on a server that is meant for everyone, not just Europe or North America.

As for making it based on the local machines time... Never. Anyone who has ever played a mobile game with timers can tell you that all you'd have to do is change the clock on your device to cheat timers based on the device clock. It's why all the clocks in TW2 are run on the server and not stored in cookies.
Yes Tokano, I know what the night bonus is and how all that works. I am talking about having the background in game change from day to night as a decoration only based on the server time. Kinda like how Inno switches up the lace and satin Gwen wears for the holidays.
Oh my lord, I read this like 439852347 times and I read it as "Night Bonus" each time instead of night time. :oops::oops::oops::oops:

That's my bad, lol.

Honestly, I think it should be something we could toggle instead 'cause I'd rather have a night mode than not.
So I'll go ahead and add this to my spreadsheet as well.

this is a screenshot from the login page at media section
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