about Browser / right top corner building queue and recruitment queue

I don't know if anyone reported..

there is this boring buttons clashed on each other. I have to click very tiny corner to switch between building queue and recruitment queue... I hope it is understandable from the clips below.




It has been reported in others servers as well.
What really bugs me is the fact that the fix is very simple and Inno should have solved it by now.
Meanwhile, all you can do is make a workaround with some css/js.
I used too play on pc but if be out too often So I switched to phone app and play on laptop only too choose a sector and designing forums and for gwen wheel etc(though it's available on phone app now).... I couldn't go back too laptop or pc browser now Id be all over the place! Lmao


1. Add a bookmark in your browser.
2. In URL, put the code bellow:
javascript:(function(){var d=document.getElementsByClassName("widget-interface-queue__wrapper"),e=document.getElementsByClassName("progress");d[1].style.marginTop=d[2].style.marginTop=e[0].style.marginTop=e[1].style.marginTop="30px";})()
3. Save the bookmark.
4. Everytime you enter the game, open the bookmark.

This should fix the problem.

Proper respect to @Rainier Wolfcastle.es who came up with the idea of adding it as a bookmark instead of editing the css via console.
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