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Yeah can't have anyone use logic and truth to make comments in a message board that might make you look bad. Someone who does that must be mad. Totally waste of time isn't it. ;-)
they actually just closed it Edwin.... I was unsure if the realm had actually closed... sometimes u get a message saying realm will be closing in .... time for a break for a short while
Warchief of the Horde - Delusional. Switched sides and gave me 1 day to prepare, had my backline constantly spied by VIP members coming up to the day he switched, then cried that I spied him 1 hour before the ceasefire ended. The truth is, I was ready to hit you with 30-40 nukes and 10 trains within a few hours and you realized that when you tried to offer me an extension on the ceasefire, one I refused and then removed you from this world. Blacklisted from any future tribes I have influence in. A highlight from that night here.

I swapped side once, when I left VIP to join TNS around 1 month into the world. Then you and the boys decided to join enemies that already shown how much respect they had to y'all, making you dance as they please... Hard to say who changed side here?
I have kept to my part of the deal 100% and not sure if you noticed but I haven't actually attack you till 1-2 weeks after ceasefire and I worked on my acc by myself rather than use 10 other accs, but I guess, who cares at this point. I have nothing to be embarased of and I stood for what is right all the way.
I care very little for blacklisting, not interested in playing this anymore since game went down so hard over the years and I got other things to attend to, its actually first time I logged in to forum in months just to catch up on things.
There surely were fun parts in that world, but nothing can stop me being disappointed in what happened to TNS in the end, a tribe that I used to believe to be the best on the world, not only skill wise (it probably still is), but also community wise, which unfortunately can't be said anymore. Everyone changes over time, but it is sad to see what some have become.
Anyway, bid you best of luck in the wars to come as well as in your life :)